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  1. These are really nice and might solve your problems........ http://k9gear.us/
  2. PERFECT time to start! Just be sure and not jump her @ full height until her growth plates are closed - - we wait until they are 15 months. Have fun!
  3. I only use the rubber orange Chuck-It balls with my girls - - they come 2 per pack for about $8 - - - anyone that carries the Chuck-It usually have them - I have also seen them @ Target No tennis balls for mine either! My BC has really lousy teeth.
  4. http://www.niteize.com/productdetail.php?c...;product_id=167 - - looks like something we might like as it gets dark here in the winter @ 4:30 pm
  5. My BC isn't a 'bumper' but my Aussie nearly knocks me off my feet sometimes - - - I find it to be the alternative to an attention bark for them - - "Hey! What'ya doin! You wanna play?"
  6. I second SpotShot - I have a Mega-esophagous dog ( she is what we call 'urpy') and it has taken EVERY stain out over the last 5 years - - needless to say we are slowly working our way toward all wood floors...............
  7. Okay so it isn't a border collie - but I absolutely LOVE this commercial.... the look on the dog's face is fantastic! Am thinkin I could make use of one of these........... Enjoy.......
  8. Those are great Sixx - - I like the first one of her boring 2 holes in your back!!! That is " Soooo Seek "- - - Wait til we have a video of you running a course - - then you can REALLY see late cues etc - - hey trust me we have all been there - - and still am ~~~~~~ As far as her touch goes - - try with no verbal and see what happens - - I don't say it to mine unless they get lax and need the reminder - - as long as she knows her job which she seems to it is worth a try - - anything to keep her listening to you and watching you for body movement cues - and not so much keyed in on you as she runs - - enjoyed the pics - -
  9. What a beautiful beautiful tribute to a gorgeous and obviously talented girl! My eyes welled up at the video of her outrun and spilled over at the pic of her as a senior dog - - Great pics throughout - thanks for sharing - am sure she is missed -
  10. SOOOOOOOOOO so proud of Seek - - she did excellent!!!! She really settled in nicely! Too bad you couldn't cover up my BIG mouth with some music! LOL!
  11. I have a few stickers on my truck - - my DH says it is all 'dogged-up' - - little does he know it is mild compared to what it could be - - I had an Agility Dogs on board sticker that my nephew and I mistakenly scraped part of it off when we were up skiing - - I have these and also opposite the BC one I have one that says - Got Aussie? Equal time for both breeds -
  12. My border Roz: Registered name: 'No Red Lights' Rosselin Nicknames: Roz - Reddog - RedRoz - Redrum - WooWoo (she woos at us in the mornings and when she is extra happy which isn't often hence the Redrum name ) Tess (the Aussie): Nicknames: Tessaleigh McWigglesby ( nephew named her this as he said she needed a formal name!) - Tessie - Blackdog To both of them? The Manson sisters (brother named them this and it fits!)
  13. I too use the orange Chuck It balls - - NO tennis balls here due to the teeth issue - gal who owns my local natural dog food store just told me Chuck It came out with Glow in the Dark balls - woooooooo hooooooo!!! LOL!
  14. Howdy neighbor! I live on Hwy 702 @ Mt. Hiway on two acres in the tanwax heights area - - All forest so no sheep - I train down @ Fido's Farm - Roz would love to stop by and visit - - once you have sheep that is!!! LOL! I have no sheep of my own and have never owned them so sorry but no help in that dept.
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