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Thanks, Shelter Folks!

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A year ago I dropped by the city shelter to make a Christmas donation. The last thing I thought I needed was another dog :rolleyes: So I walk through the door and the dispatcher calls out, ?Luisa! You have to see this! Somebody go get the one in #15.?


And the rest is history :D


My girl came home (via Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tustin) on December 27, 2005.


At the shelter [December 24, 2005]:








In her splint and bootie [January 2006]:




In the backyard [May 2006]:




Third time on sheep, at trainer Anna Guthrie's [August 2006]:





Can't begin to say how much I love this little dog. Our local shelter ROCKS. (My terrific pit bulls Sneak and Bounce are also from the city shelter.) Happy Adoption Day to us... :D


[Edited to phix photos]

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?Luisa! You have to see this! Somebody go get the one in #15.?
Below the belt. :rolleyes: But obviously it turned out for the best!


Happy Adoption Day, and a big "Yay" for shelter dogs! I have a rather fine example here myself .

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Thanks, guys! You're right, Paula (and Hector and Laura!), I was VERY lucky :rolleyes:



Originally posted by sandra s.:

?Luisa! You have to see this! Somebody go get the one in #15.?
Below the belt. :D It was the weirdest thing... I was SURE they were going to bring out a pit bull, since the pee boo is my shelter dog of choice. Obligatory photo of Bounce in the mud:




But nooo, it was Lu --- so shy and skeered that ACO Skye could scarcely get her through the door --- and the even weirder thing was I knew right away. And this from someone who has no trouble visiting the shelter and walking out without a dog. I had to have this one. She had something in her expression that keen working dogs have, and as luck would have it she turned out to be mad keen about life in general and on stock in particular. She's a wonderful girl.


My favorite shelter snap:




First look at sheep. Only that awkward splint kept her out of the pen:




With BF Sneak after the splint came off:




We stopped at an In-N-Out for some trans fats on the way home from a training session last summer. This is a crummy photo, but I love it. Waiting for fries:



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Happy adoption day too!


That's what happenend to me. I was just taking some treats into the shelter and I saw Black Jack. Everyone knows the story by now I guess :D I just keep thinking about it everyday! :rolleyes:

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