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This guy showed up in our neighborhood 2 weeks ago and followed me home. After doing all we could to see if he'd been lost, he's now part of our family. We suspect he'd been dumped.


Second day here I took him to our vet for a checkup, shots, etc. Doc suspects he's around 10 months old. Yesterday he was back to the vet for neutering.


I think, outside of a farm, our environment is a good one. We're on a one acre lot on a golf course, at the end of the only street with homes, and have 30 - 40 acres behind us. We play hard each morning and evening when there's no golf activity around, and are doing basic obedience drills several times during the day. Recall is the biggest challenge - when we're alone he's pretty good, but with distractions, we have a ways to go. Special thanks to our new friend, Stephanie Pressler, of BRBCR, who came over on Sunday and helped us tremendously. She suspects he may have a tad of something else in him as he's not wound as tight as most.


I don't know where this will lead, but right now we're just loving each other. Lorraine and I feel this must be Providence, as we've been interested in BCs for sometime now, but hestitant because of our cat (that's not a issue, Buddy and Sammy worked things out by the second day) and we were both working. I'm now retired so there's ample time to devote.


here's some pics:




OOPS, pics are too big. I'll try to figure out how to downsize them and post again.


This board is a wonderful resource, thanks to all, Doug, Lorraine, and BUDDY

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He's adorable! I am a sucker for ticking as my old man has a face full. From the picture though he looks full bc to me. Welcome to the board and the wonderful world of Border collies...let the games begin!

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(Oh, and purebred BCs don't have to be wound tight. :rolleyes: )

Agreed--the whole "wound tight" thing is a misconception a lot of people have. I know I wouldn't be living with 9 in my house if they were all wound tight. :D He's a handsome fellow and certainly looks purebred to me! Thank you Doug and Lorraine (and Sammy) for giving him a wonderful home.



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