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  1. But Scotch Collies are not Border Collies. They're not trying to make Border Collies.Why should they be held to the same standards if they're not Border Collies? General purpose farm collie. That's all they need to be. I'm done guys. You can't compare this breed to a BC and that seems to be all anyone is wanting to do. I just posted this because I thought people would find it interesting. I'm going to go enjoy my collie pup.
  2. Working dog and herding dog don't have to be the same thing. Working farm dog could be the cur that hides under the front porch and barks at intruders. I do know of someone (on Facebook...so not personally) who applied for registration and they're waiting on approval....they were told they needed to send a video of working ability. Anyone with a farm collie can add their dog to the database, though. They are 2 separate things. Is it a scam? I dunno. I know they don't register whole litters like the AKC and will only register individual dogs. There are no "shows" or "contests" or ri
  3. I think "another generic dog that looks like a herding dog" IS the breed standard. The ultimate generic collie dog. Maybe my memory is faulty, but I don't remember Lassie doing a lot of herding. She was more concerned about keeping Timmy out of trouble.....lol.
  4. From the site: Breed Standard/Purpose The Old-Time Scotch Collie has always been a landrace breed, having never been made to conform to a rigid standard, rather being predominantly selected based on the needs of the farmer, this “standard” does not seek to change that but rather to define the breed and distinguish it from other breeds that have descended from the Scotch Collie. Towards maintaining the Old-Time Scotch Collie as a landrace breed this standard is intended as a broad set of descriptions with plenty of room for individual breeders preferences and different dog types that al
  5. Thanks! He is rather cute, isn't he? I can't wait to see how he develops!
  6. Herding isn't the only job on a farm and maybe some small hobby farmers don't have the need for a strong herder like a Border Collie and prefer a more general purpose farm dog that doesn't require as high an activity level. But there are also people like me. I grew up with collies and hate what the AKC closed registries have done to the breed. I'm excited to think that just maybe I will have a beautiful (yes....I love the way they look) collie who will be a gentle, healthy, loving companion dog. I don't want a high energy herding breed. I would be a horrible owner for a Border Collie now
  7. Sorry, I forgot that sometimes people don't pick up on sarcastic humor. Of course I realize that it's too early to expect him to be 100% house trained. It was a joke. The registry is just a data base. They want as many dogs in the data base as they can get at this point so they can see what's out there. And the AKC has already gotten their hands on this breed....it's called the Rough Collie. This association is trying to get the rough collie back to its working roots....the Scotch collie landrace breed.
  8. From what I understand, the Scotch collie was the "general purpose" farm dog who could do some herding and vermin control and act as a watch dog. So I would imagine the herding style would be very loose. And I agree that this is a large undertaking that may be not be successful but I do know they are keeping an open registry and allowing out crossing to increase the gene pool, so time will tell. I do know our little guy is smart and fearless. We picked him up this Monday at 8 weeks old and he's already got a 90% "sit", "down" and "roll over". Now if we could just get the house training pa
  9. Been a long, long time since I've posted here. We lost our lovely Finn shortly before Christmas (for those who may remember, we got Finn from a Border Collie rescue in Tennessee, but we feel he was actually an English Shepherd). He had chronic kidney failure and we couldn't pull him out of a crisis despite round the clock IV fluids, so we had to make that horrible decision everyone here understands far too well. Since I have always loved farm collies, I started searching for another rescue from Border Collie and English Shepherd sites, but wasn't having much luck - we have moved to Michiga
  10. Haven't posted here in a long time, but I saw this video and thought you all would enjoy it. Didn't see it posted here, yet. Sheep farmer with his BC checking on the flocks in an ultralight plane.
  11. I've ordered bully sticks from E-Pets Boutique and they were fine. No fancy packaging.....just the loose sticks in a box....but for the price I certainly wouldn't complain. They're a bit on the aromatic side, but the dogs love 'em. 12 inch sticks for $1.99 each ($1.89 each if you order 100 or more) 6 inch sticks for $.99 each ($.94 each if you order 100 or more)
  12. Ah, poor doggie! I do some chicken training treats you might want to try. They're a little labor intensive to make, but if you make a ton at a time it's not too bad. What I do is take boneless, skinless chicken breasts and stick them in the freezer until they're "soft frozen".....in other words, they're icy but not frozen solid. Then I take a really sharp knife and slice them into paper thin "chips" (you can't slice them thin enough if you don't soft freeze the chicken first). Then I layer the chips on a broiling pan (spray with cooking spray or they'll stick) and bake them really slowly (2
  13. Aww, look at those cute little pink puppy toes!
  14. There's a pretty famous cat who has a perfect record. Oscar, the Death Cat. From the article: When death is near, Oscar nearly always appears at the last hour or so. Yet he shows no special interest in patients who are simply in poor shape, or even patients who may be dying but who still have a few days. Animal behavior experts have no explanation for Oscar's ability to sense imminent death. They theorize that he might detect some subtle change in metabolism -- felines are as acutely sensitive to smells as dogs -- but are stumped as to why he would show interest. "It may just come down to
  15. Linda, that's wonderful news! Yay for Holly! And I'm so glad you were willing to take the time and effort to give this girl a fighting chance! Yay for you!
  16. I'm so sorry. I hope you and DW are able to find comfort in each other, peace in the knowledge that you were strong for a dear friend, and joy in your memories of Missy. She was a beautiful girl.
  17. Congratulations! Buddy looks like a sweetheart. I love his "freckles".
  18. Finn's foster mom had simply called him "Foster". That sounded too impermanent, so we decided to change it. We wanted a Gaelic name and we wanted one we could pronounce (that narrowed the field considerably). And we preferred to do the traditional one syllable name for a BC if we could find one we liked. So, Finn he became. Seems it may be a pretty common name, but we like it. And I get to call him Finn MacCool, so nice bonus there.
  19. How incredibly sad and beautiful. Did I mention sad? Bless her.
  20. My 26 pound kees is on 3 adult benadryl tablets(25 mg) per day, every day for eye allergies and it doesn't even make her sleepy (it would knock me flat, though). When I looked shocked at the dosage, my vet explained that benadryl apparently doesn't stay in a dog's system for very long. So it's generally safe, but you were right to check poison control since aspartame can be toxic for dogs.
  21. I agree, fiber can make a huge difference. We've discovered that Finn needs more fiber than EVO supplies, so I've started using fiber capsules (metamucil or other brand) and breaking one open over his morning meal. It's tasteless and odorless so he doesn't know it's there, especially since I put a bit of warm water on the kibble. Works like a charm and I think is a bit cheaper than the Metamucil crackers. Pumpkin works great, too. As long as the dog likes it (Finn doesn't) and will eat it.
  22. So, those of you who are allergic....does benadryl help keep the reaction down for you? I haven't been stung that many times and the time I have, I got the small pimple things (which hurt bad enough) and I noticed that if I pop a few benadryl as soon as it happens, the pimple things are smaller and heal quicker. I think if I were swelling up (or, you know, almost passing out) I'd start carrying an epi pen. Or at least a stash of benadryl. Fire ants are evil little buggers.
  23. Linda, I've never tried to evaluate a dog for a rescue, just for myself, so hopefully someone with experience will have a better idea. Off the top of my head I would think you're almost going to have to put her in a stressful situation (one that she reacted badly to before the meds) and see how she reacts. Obviously you can't test her on a child (and I would think it would be a bad idea to adopt her out to someone with children, just in case), but if you've got a friend she hasn't met yet who isn't afraid of getting nipped, have them come over and push her buttons just a little. Have them t
  24. What? Really? Does it have to be instant grits, or do quick grits work? And really? Grits? How do grits kill them? (And I'm not making fun, I really want to know. I've got a mound in my backyard I was wondering what to do about.)
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