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Poor girl

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Just thought I'd update everyone on Piper. She's still in the shelter. But she's doing better. I have been going in there everyday to spend time with her. I have gotten her to wear a collar, I'm almost done with leash training, she knows her name and has a really good recall, pretty much knows sit, and we're working on down.


She was spayed and had her dew claws removed today. I was thinking about her all day. I didn't get a chance to see her before they took her to the vet. So I miss her already :rolleyes: They said she was fine but had to stay the night at the vets. So I'll get to see her in the morning. I just feel bad that she had to have it done while she was in the shelter. She's getting better and not as scared, but it's still hard on her. Not to mention going through that now. I guess I couldn't really do anything though. I'll let you know how she did.

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Well that is a lot of good news! It sounds like you have helped her to come such a long way. :rolleyes:

I won't disagree that her spay will probably be a minor set-back, but I am sure she will be alright once she sees that you still love her and come to see her often. :D


Best of luck to the little girly in her recovery.

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I went in to see how she was doing today. When I got there she was huddled in the corner of her kennel. When she saw me she jumpped up and ran to the front to stick her nose through the door. She's having a hard time walking on her front paws since they had her dew claws removed. She sat in my lap for about two hours, just enjoying the lovin. She's so sweet. I'd do anything to bring her home with me.



See my boo boo.....









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Aw poor puppers! I'm sure she's getting her RDA of snuggles from you though and that should help.


I too wanna know more about the dew claw removal - the shelter I work at never removes front dew claws during spays/neuters, and I think they may only do the back ones in cases where the dog has already injured them.

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Update me AJ, I thought you were thinking about getting that little sweetheart. I must have missed something. Is that not possible?


She looks so darling. You are doing a wonderful job even if you can't take her. She'll be that much better for her new home.

I'm with the rest, why the dew claw removal? None of my dogs, no only one of my dogs have their's removed. She came that way.


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I don't really know why. They just had them removed when they took her in to be spayed. I didn't think they did either.


Kristen, I talked to my parents and they said that having another dog would upset Black Jack and make him feel left out. Although I know that's not true I really can't say much until I have my own house. I know Black Jack would love her to bits. He's really good around most dogs. He really likes BC's, Aussies, and ACD's. Not that he plays favorites though :rolleyes: She's so sweet. After her normal zoomies when I get there she'll calm right down and lay around waiting for you to do something fun.

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