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  1. LOL thats cute! I will have to get that!
  2. We've been in NJ for almost a month now, and she is doing great! The driving was fine, she mostly curled up in her chair and slept. The camping was fun, she took my air mattress and I took her blanket LOL. After all, life is about compromises, right? The border crossing was fine, he looked at her record and said she was good to go. She gets along with my BFs keeshond pretty well, they play and share ice and water, occaisionally I catch them snuggling too! She got a lyme vaccine (I found a tick on her... YUCK! It was dead from her "natural defense" but still.. ick! ) and her yearly
  3. Thanks so much everyone! I plan to just let her sleep in the tent with me, she is used to snuggling all night. Her crate is more for when we go in to eat (mom thinks she'll destroy the van, I doubt it tho) and for when she is at my BFs house since she is still bad about messing on the floor if she isn't taken out the second she needs to go >.< I'll make sure to keep you all informed of how things are going =D
  4. Thanks guys! Forgetting doggy bags would have been a disaster! And I never would have thought of basics like a towel or a flashlight, guess I just take them for granted around the house! I've added all of your suggestions to my list!
  5. I've been planning a trip this summer; 1 week in Montreal, and 3 months in New Jersey! We'll be driving the entire way, so she's been coming in long trips in that vehicle for the last few months and she does great! I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything though, so I figured I'd come out of lurking and get your guys' input! I have: -up-to-date vets records, as well as a paper signed by my vet saying she is healthy. -a tag with my boyfriend's address, this is where we will be this summer. -a meet and greet arranged with his vet so she can get to know Shadow a little, and I can
  6. I'm just as entitled to my opinion as everyone else here is; and I have gotten the impression from this thread, as well as other posts made by sheepdoggal, that she breeds for colour. I really don't care if anyone thinks its a wrong opinion; its MY opinion. I don't get on here and bash people for having opinions that clash with my own, I simply state my own opinion when I feel passionate about something. And killing puppies is something I feel passionate about.. sorry.. but I think its wrong to murder a creature because you don't like how it looks.
  7. Actually it was a dean and some professors at my university that compared her to a Nazi, not me. I think shes another breeder who cares about colour and not personality or abilities... in other words cares more about money in her pocket than the breed.
  8. Ahhh but she said cull them at birth, not give them a chance to see if they are healthy first.. which tends to make it sound like all she cares about is colourization.. which I have gotten the impression of from some of her other posts too. I researched this genetic mutation before posting, and there is nothing that suggests it is anything other than a coat colour issue. I would hope that someone who would be so bold as to post a statement such as cull them at birth, after calling them monstrosities, would be intelligent enough to research the issue first. The attitude in her first post mad
  9. I think it depends on the dog really. Shadow spends a LOT of time sleeping and tends to go 8-12 hours without a potty break overnight (shes in the bed for sleepies, not in a crate mind you). I offer to take her out, she rolls over and goes back to sleep LOL. She spends around 6-8 hours a day crated when I have classes, simply because my school is an hour drive from my house. Shes had this same schedule since she was around 4 months old, and only had accidents for a relatively short period of time a few months ago.. which I believe was a food issue, and not an issue with her ability to "hol
  10. This is cool! I looked at pics of the different types, Shadow has the "qualities" of a Winston's Cap type BC. I should email the breeder and see what he knows about this... all of his dogs fit the Winston's Cap type with the exception of one of his bitches. Could explain why everyone says Shadow is a crossbred dog LOL.. shes taller than most BCs, and her head is blocky, perhaps she is just not the same type as the "common" BC. Ohhh maybe shes even more special!
  11. Cull them at birth simply for having a genetic mutation? Riiighhhhtttt... that is by far one of the most disgusting things anyone has ever said on these boards! I don't think you look perfect off with your head! I find it very ignorant that someone would kill a puppy simply because it doesn't look perfect.. try spay and neuter. Sheepdoggal; you call yourself an ethical breeder, yet you would kill an animal because it looks "wrong?" I call that unethical, uncaring, and outright disgusting! Breeding for looks... GAH. G A H! I've helped re-home 4 GSD in the last year because people were
  12. Happy birthday Black Jack!!! He's very lucky to have you as a best friend AJ!
  13. I thought he looked like an elephant seal bull.. holy crap. How can someone do that to their dog? Poor thing *GRRRR* Seems like such a sweet dog too.
  14. Welcome to the boards! Cash looks like a very handsome boy!
  15. OMG... I'm glad she is alright!!! I imagine I would have reacted just how you did; how dare that woman have her dog off leash if she knows it acts like that! That makes me so furious! Poor Cali.. *hugs from me and Shadow*
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