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I've got my BC!!! Introducing KAYLEE!

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Hi, all! I just discovered these boards and am delighted with all the friendly and helpful folks and delightful BCs here.


My husband and I have owned BC mixes in the past, but in the 10 years we've been together, we've been dogless renters, waiting for the day when we could have a dog.


Well, we've got our own place, the kitchen remodel is just about done, and the reward for that is a puppy. I was really jonesing bad, combing the petfinder sites for rescues, etc. I really would have been fine with the right mix, but in my heart I wanted a BC. I really wanted a BC. My husband was wary: we've got no sheep, how are we going to keep a BC sane? but he's loved his BC mixes in the past... we will find ways to work with the BC brains and energy. We are middle-aged, walkers and hikers, and we both work from home, so can be constant companions.


Well, I posted on craigslist that I wanted a puppy, listed out a few breeds/mixes that would be fine...


and was contacted by a guy with a little BC pup who was not fitting in with his family. The Golden Retriever was NOT willing to share her house with the puppy: there were hackles raised and teeth bared, even after two weeks. They also had a four-year-old and a kitten, and the pup was getting pretty mouthy. They were also tired of dealing with the submissive peeing. BUT the pup is a purebred BC, she's been lovingly handled, she's crate-trained already: what's not to love?


They had named her Flower, for the little skunk in 'Bambi'. Well, that's a real sweet baby name, but we decided to change it to Kaylee. Kaylee because no-one is going to be able to handle the Gaelic spelling 'Ceilidh' , which means 'Dance'!


So we brought our girl home, almost two short weeks ago now. We started a puppy class with a great trainer last night, and of course, Kaylee was the fastest learner in the class. Our trainer has an agility course set up, with public access, so that might be something we grow into. No sheep, see?


We are almost housebroken now, and she is learning to ring the donkey bells on the door all by herself when she needs to go out.


We are VERY fortunate that there's a next-oor neighbor with a boxer pup a month older than she is, so there are frequent play dates. Kaylee LOVES Tyson! and we've got friends with adult dogs who are good coaches, too.


Our three old lady cats are STILL horrified, but they are getting over it. They've learned that Kaylee goes to bed in her crate around 10:00pm, and that becomes KITTY TIME.


We're very happy!!! Here's a first picture, AWWWWW!




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What a beautiful girl! Have fun with your new baby and congratulations. :rolleyes:

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That's one really cute little pup. How can you not love that face? :rolleyes: Congrats.

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