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HELP lost BC - for our Houston members

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Hi guys.

We need all the help we can get.

A friends BC bolted today during all the storms.

They are frantic. Her name is Meg. She was located in the Bear Creek subdivision. I guess that is south of 290, HW6 area.

Please anyone keep you eyes and ears open and keep an eye on all the various lists.

Here is her info and her pictures.





Here is Meg's emergency info.


Tri color BC, 30 lbs, 7 yrs old, address tag on collar.




Pete & Beverly Stassi

281 463-4625

713 751-9274 C

972 765-8173 C

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I'll keep Meg in my prayers that she is home soon. I live closer to I-45/1960 so it's not likely that she'll end up in my area of town but I will keep an eye out for her - a friend who lives in the same area I do lost her bc in a thunderstorm several years ago and she was found in the Bellaire area a week later so you never can tell where Meg will be found!

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I will keep en eye for her. If I have time, I might drive to bearcreek tomorrow - I take my dogs there sometimes. The new dog park opened in bearcreek and there will be a bunch of dog people in the area during the day. Some one might find her wondering around.

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My stomping ground is the big airport, Humble and I live just north of Splendora but

we've got handlers over that way I'll pass it along.


Get flyers out to the local pizza delivery guys... and make sure to PHYSICALLY go to the shelters.

Harris county on Canino.... and GO FREQUENTLY, DO NOT LET more than 2 CONSEQUETIVE DAYS GO BY.


A few years back one of our drug dogs got out from the kennel (Kuykendal/ Spring Cypress) and

that's where he ended up. We had local media coverage, the dog had a chip plus tattoo and it

still took one our handlers spotting him....


I am sooooo glad I've got my storm phobic dog on Xanax.....



All the best and with my eyes peeled.....



And folks ... a word to the wise...If your BC has storm phobia PLEASE ,PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE

to get your dog on either valium or xanax for situational anxiety. No dog should have to suffer the panic. It

WILL NOT get better on its own. At the very least for those truly mild cases melatonin can help. 3mgs. Melatonin

cannot be overdosed , is extremely safe. TALK TO YOUR VETS. IF YOUR VET WON"T DO IT FIND ONE THAT WILL!

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Thanks for the pointers. I never thought about the pizza angle!

I already have people that work at BARC keeping an eye out.

Harris County is next on my list.

I already contacted the BC rescue group around here.

Posted to the rescue list.

Posted on the frisbee dog list.

If you guys can think of any more lists to post please feel free to cross post.


No dog should have to suffer the panic.

This is exactly what upsets me so much. I am fortunate not to own a dog currently with

these issues but would NOT hesitate to use medication if I had to. Thanks bc4pack.

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Have you heard anything yet? Paws crossed that they find her.

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Just a thought, but it might be worthwhile to call local vet offices and drop off or fax flyers. If something happened to her, someone might take her to a vet. And she can have lost her collar.


I really hope she is soon home safe and well.

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Any news on Meg? She is a beautiful dog. I hope she is found! Are these people in a position to offer a reward? If so, maybe they can recruit neighbors to comb the area, just looking? And of course, check with the shelters, the dog catchers, vet's offices (i'd be checking twcie a day!).

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Bumping this back up--this is not even my dog (though I fell in love with her just seeing a picture of her!) and I am worried about her. Maybe contact the BC Rescue Orgs in the area? If she is picked up and taken to the pound, hopefully a rescue group would snag her before the inevitable.

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No news! They have put out flyers, driven around, informed rescues and posted it everywhere we can think off.

We have been at Harris County Rabies control and BARC. No luck!

Please continue to keep your eyes and ears open. They are offering a reward for her safe return.

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Oh, gosh. I sure hope this beautiful girl is found. I feel so bad for her and her owners.


I hope the owners can hang in there. My North Carolina daughter's dog was missing three days, and she did turn up. Because she'd been calling them so much, the Animal Control people had phoned her right away when Maggie was brought in.

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Meg is back home!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Thanks to a wonderful, attentive animal control officer in Houston that took enough interest in her job.

Apparently she saw a dog walking down the street and just happend to have a picture of Meg in front of her. She stopped, got out of the vehicle, called her by her name and was barely fast enough to open the car door for Meg to load up! Or something like that, anyway... Good old sheepdogs. She then immediatly phone it in and Harris Country Rabies control called the owners for identification and they made it to the pound before Meg did!

So whoever passed the pictures on so that they ended up in the officers hand at just the right time - bless you! :D

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