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  1. Stormy is 6 months old. I have inadvertently taught her to ask to go out AFTER she potties on the floor. I should have anticipated that; I"m not an expert but I know enough about modifying behavior that this was going to be, for her, a logical reaction. She is making some improvement, mostly because I am taking her out about every 20 minutes (which is not conducive to me getting anything done around the house, but once she know that she is to potty outside and how to ask to go outside, that will get better). Still, there are times when I get distracted and end up cleaning up a mess.
  2. I've been trying to teach Stormy the words attached to the toys, i.e., ball, duck, rope, etc. I was not convinced that this was going anywhere, but I kept trying. Lasyt night, I asked her where her ball was and she took an uncertain step towards her ball that was right there in plain sight and then looked towards me--I gave her lots of praise. Then, when I asked her again, she went and retrieved it and brought it to me. TONS of praise, affection and a quick game of fetch. It gives me hope since housebreaking is going so slowly (she is making a little improvement, but it is so frustrating)
  3. I have inadvertently taught Stormy a behavior I do not want. In my quest for house training, whenever she had an accident in the house, I took her outside. Now, she will deliberately potty without even asking to go out {if she even knows how; not sure about this}, just so she can go outside--she LOVES going outside for any reason. I should have seen that coming. I'm taking the mental approach of starting all over and considering a doggy litter pan to her onto the right track. Any thoughts on this? I wanted to avoid paper training, since you essentially have to house train twice (also
  4. They may not be built for pulling, but I bet your dog will do whatever you ask her (him?) to do.
  5. I had to let go of my Whisper this past summer. She was blind and partially paralyzed in her hind end. There was not a night that went by that she didn't somehow mess in the house. That whole last year she bumped into things and kept on going in her new shuffling gait that broke my heart. But she did not seem to be in any pain. The last month of her life, I was watching her carefully, because even though it was her nature to fight every step of the way, I thought I could see her begin to start failing faster and begin to lose her will to live. The last day she couldn't even stand up, tho
  6. Last night I was working with Stormy, and all of a sudden, right after rewarding her for a behavior I wanted, she stopped, considered and if she could speak English she would have said "Oh, THAT'S what you want". It was like there was a switch in her brain that suddenly went into the on position. No one ever told me that there were on switches. Now I just have to figure out how to turn it on again.
  7. Stormy LOVES to jump, and I know better than to let her. Every once in awhile, she just took a blind leap off the top of the steps outside (I forgot to mention that she also knows the word "Outside" and it's the one thing she is 100% reliable on. I say the word outside and she goes to the door. Now we're working on her sitting patiently at the door and waiting for me to actually open it.). Keeping her on a short leash stops this, but I can't wait until she's old enough to do some agility. In the meantime, we have plenty to keep us busy with her basics. Last night she seemed to grasp th
  8. I was also thinking playing with the food dish was not a good idea. I've also noticed that she does not play with the dish at all if I put the kibble on a plate (no glass; I don't use glass for feeding pets) and, in fact, she seems to prefer eating off a plate. I don't know if this is a good alternative or not, and certainly won't work with water, but until I get to the store this weekend and can get a larger bowl (I'm thinking she doesn't like a smaller bowl) it will do. The idea of a heavier one that she can't pick up is a great one! I will definitely have that in mind when I go to pick o
  9. Last month, I brought Stormy home to live with my family and me. I posted pictures then, and I apologize for not updating this time around, but I will soon. Puppy raising is a lot of fun, and a lot of work. So far I've had no luck with house training. I got off to a great start--she was crated whenever everyone was out of the house and never messed in the crate. As soon as she came out of the crate, she was taken outside and she went potty outside. Then my husband decided she was big enough and left her out of her crate. As he is the last one to leave for work (and the one to let her
  10. I have put all the shoes up to avoid chewed up footwear, but I couldn't resist snapping this picture. I think she has already learned some words! She appears to know Let's Go, Come and possibly her name, though not really sure on that one.
  11. She loves to go for walks and tries so hard to keep up with the "big dog" but is just too small for it right now. I've had her since Saturday and I think she is already bigger!
  12. As promised, here are pics of Stormy, my new puppy. I'm hoping she keeps the bi-color eye, but won't be surprised if the color changes.
  13. I found my new dog! I was pretty certain that I did not want a puppy and positive that I wanted another Border Collie. What I went home with was not only a puppy, but not really a Border Collie! Stormy is a blue merle Aussie cross (maybe with Border Collie, maybe not. When she is a little older and her features become more defined, it may be more obvious) with one greenish-brown eye and one bi-color eye that is blue and greenish-brown. She's 8 weeks old. I've never raised a dog from puppy-hood before and I am alternately thrilled and terrified, but consistently in love. Thrilled be
  14. DH brought home a Pit Bill mix last week. We said goodbye to my sweet girl last month, and I lifted the dog ban (Whisper did not get along well with other dogs when she was 100%; when she became blind and partially disabled, I levied a ban on any other dog entering the house). The people next door to where his business is had to re-home their Pittie because of a city ordinance. I insisted on meeting the dog before it was brought home--mostly to meet the people who had the dog more than the dog itself. I belive in there being no bad dogs, just bad owners. I gave a stamp of approval--the d
  15. Yesterday I had to take Whisper infor her last appointment at the vet. I did not want to, but she was no longer even able to stand, and when I tried to pick her up, she tried to cry but could not even whine. She refused all food and while she drank a bit, she was too tired to keep trying. I know it was the right thing to do, but it does not make it easier. The house is so empty without her. DH is all for getting another dog right away, but I refuse to consider it. Yes, I will get another senior female at some point, but not right now. Unless there is some needy dog out there that
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