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  1. Got Hank to keep Ellie company and he started to limp and sometimes leg would just stiffen then seem ok except for the limp. He is now 7 months and the vet xrays say elbow dysplasia ununited medial. There are2 fixes open surgery and orthroscopic. Maybe I can get the vet to my knee as well. Be expensive but it looks like it becomes debilitating quickly. I want to follwo the genetic thread as the local rancher from whom we got Hank needs to know as we had another Bc from him the mother was one of our pups never had it then a new dad same mother and bam
  2. Ellie would not even look at the frisbee "flying squirrel" and now she cannot get enough. And talk about agile. I have seen her flip in the air catch it upside down then land on her feet. She jumps for it and gets all 4 off the floor and it has helped teach her go around come around down bring it as closely as a rescue princess will come anyway! She now has been teaching the pup Hank by catching it waiting for him then letting him bring it back to me at 10 weeks. I am fairly certain Ellie told me this is what she wanted. Good eye contact! She will even play "baseball" I look at her while keeping up a radio commentary "a hot day here at the park. THe pitcher looks for the sign, (here Ellie gets part way up) takes it checks the runner on third (or first) goes into his wind up uh oh it's a steal (by now Ellie is off at a full tilt, the throw in time and he's out. Sometimes I ahve to go through the entire play by play sometimes it's football commentary and sometimes just a long eye contact look and a shift of the head to give a direction. Hey she's teaching me but aren't they always!
  3. Yeppers Ellie is the red and white and Hank is the white and black. I need to re name Hank to "I'm In" no matter what we do he is in! Ellei has become a fine surrogate Mom and a real good puppy herself as she time travels so maybe one day soon Hank (10 weeks) and Ellie will end up the same age. She has been nor ethan good she has been superb and incredibly patient even trying to teach Hank a few things. Probably would have made a good mom but that's all way in the past now.
  4. After a rather long series of posts concerning breeding Ellie we made the decision to gut her and get her a pal from one of the local ranchers that had one of our older pups. SO Ellie now haas Hank to pal around with and she is quite the protector and incredibly patient with a now 10 week male BC. Bonding very well and if another dog comes around Ellie gets herself between the pup and the other dog. It has helped her shy fearfulness and gives her a fine audio visual for learning. Hank (not named after the CowDog) but The Fabulous Ms. Leslie Dad is fearless jumps in the river at 6 weeks and swam out. If I ever get pictures I'll post 'em up.
  5. oh yeah it did a great job on the "winter dreadlocks" when Ellie was the pupster
  6. use it on the cats and Ellie she loves it sand it works!!!!
  7. sorry tomiss it AJ BUT today the anniversary of Katies death Ellie rolled over in the field and gave me stomach for a good ten minute rub.
  8. the flying squirrel from any good pet place or farm store it is literally indestructible flies well and is softer on the mouth http://www.canineuniversity.com/articles/p...roducts_16.html
  9. also a damn fine writer and there are some scary but well ended stories about Devon his schoolbus chasing dog. He also had another trainer that helped him out. Was just of general interest.
  10. also a damn fine writer and there are some scary but well ended stories about Devon his schoolbus chasing dog. He also had another trainer that helped him out. Was just of general interest.
  11. Katie never chased the tractor but she had to be locked up when the chainsaw came out though the funniest was when The Fabulous Ms. Leslie tried to SWEEP holy mackerel. Bark, attack, herd that broom or when she went ot spray the plants? that was hysterical.
  12. Rats AJ I'll miss it again just got back to the west slope from Denver. ANyway I'll be talking to you.
  13. first was Josey Wales for obvious reasons Second was Katie Walsh (after me own sweet gtandmother) Next was Eleanor Frances O'Leery after my mother though we do sometimes call her Scarlett due to her propensity for a bit o' drama
  14. I never asked for anyones opinion of whether or not I SHOULD COULD or WOULD only asked for peoples EXPERIENCE. THat means if you have done it. Think what you want however alien is the concept
  15. Kids and dogs may be on the opposite end of the spectrum as you think but responsible breeding is responsible breeding is responsible breeding,for the "good of the breed". So that's the same track. ENough people on the planet now lost and unwanted or haven't you noticed. I never said they die off quickly. I said they die some in 10 years some in 10 months just like people or don't you read. ellie has had all her checks. hips eyes blood work, papers etc. Are you spayed or did you not do the responsible thing.
  16. BTW she is not chronically shy so look before oyu jump. I know I don't type real well.
  17. good reply and tell your man welcome home from the Marines! Sorry about your kids. It was what I was alluding to about having children. KI was alert to the alleged dangers of Agent Orange so made the decision to be cut. These are not trial dogs or competition dogs just cow dogs which for some reason seem to offend people. I wonder if they ever have their DNA checked. Thanks for the reply.
  18. whatever you think or am IK using that word too loosely for you.....
  19. I have not fled the thread as was so eloquently written. I just been a bit busy. Bit passive aggressive are we? And yes I know AJ and BlackJack. We have been talking since before Ellie would come to me and get a scratch. Y'all need ot read more figuratively then literally. Yes on every ranch dogs get killed; not an every day occurence or that common but it happens. I have NOT made up my mind to breed or not to breed I was seeking information not opinions. AJ and Maralynn had the sentiment and experience I sought. As for the rest maybe I am old school,I am old, and maybe not. I lost a few good dogs in Vietnam and 2 here. I would posit this question for those that think reproduction is best left to those that can "improve the gene pool" Did you think of that when you had your kids or your kids had kids? I see that as the same. I was clipped over 35 years ago don't regret it and have no children. Yeah I see things differently; believe that is what this place is about. Cogent and empathetic replies reach me. I take Ellie to the vet and she has a good time. I realize it is hard to create a picture in a short space. But thanks Maralynn and AJ. (Give my best to BlackJack) As far as the onerous paperwork it was more than that. I don't even give the government permission to come onto my property at will to inspect as they see fit with no time limits. And I never will. I am NOT against adoption or fostering or as you can see ransoming. "would have had the sense" I wonder if anyone that has kids ever thought about having the sense to see the world is well overpopulated and there are plenty of rescues that could be placed. That's right I am an opinionated, sometimes cranky, often lovable old man. I live with so get used to it and cease the personality comments.
  20. These questions all good ones and she is working cows not sheep probably an easier task; cows I mean.
  21. me too What questions did I not answer? Sugar coat? You don't know what I want to hear because I don't know what I want to hear. I am looking for as much information based on the facts presented. If I can't make that clear maybe I should not even have a dog to be groomed
  22. it is late I wasn't asking for a dog to breed with but one that needed a home. Believe what you what but a question or two is a better way to elicit or provide information. Try it sometime. And I did not ask you just asked someone that empathized and provided personal experience relative to the matter at hand.
  23. Maralynn whoa excellent post ma'am. It just about covers all the questions and emotions I have about this decision. I do have the finances and the placement would be no problem but the rest of your post says it all. I lost my heart dog and have worked and worked (not done yet!!!!!!!) to get this papered Bette Davis back to the planet and she will come back. Your second and third paragraphs hit the mark. Thanks. I'll keep all posted of the decision we make. Know of any good dogs that need the home?
  24. I do know her lines in 10 months, 6 of which were a good winter, she has progressed to getting in the car, but not the truck, sitting on the couch and not hiding behind the chair, calling me to come "play" She has no proven working ability but then neither did the other pups we had and they are working cows just fine. I agree wholeheartedly on #4 and it cannot be said enough. Heck if I was back running 500 pair on 15000 acres I would not even be asking these questions but I'm not! Copy that on your last. I am keeping all the experiences so we can cull 'em down. I'm surely not looking to just breed a dog. Heck I don't even have any kids so I think that says where I stand! Thanks again
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