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The surgery went better than expected. They were able to do it laparascopically, which means there wasn't enough damage for them to cut. That is a good thing. :0))


They released me the following day and I stayed with my daughter. I'm sleeping most of the time, the pain meds are great.


I'm now home in a dogless house now. It's still weird in spite of the drug induced stupor that I'm in. I'm bringing most of them back on Friday. The weekend before the surgery, IOW this past weekend, I put over 1000 miles on my car taking my dogs to where they will be well taken care of.


This surgery, I firmly believe, was only a means to achieve a much greater accomplishment. It has brought a lot of people together---I am amazed-- even through the pain killer fog that I'm in---- and for that, more than anything else, I am humbled and greatful.


I am off of work for 6 weeks and in January, I might fly out to Calif. and visit my mom for a week, and hopefully accompany my sister and meet some of her BC buds---maybe even take in a trial.


Yeh, I hurt like a sonofagun right now, but life is good.


Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I mean that, from the bottom of my heart.


Going back to bed --- Pain tells me get off the puter and lie down. OK. Who am I to argue. :0))

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Glad to hear you are home and getting some rest.


My fil is hard to contain. He just had knee replacement surgery last Tuesday (12th) and he convinced my mil to take him to the grocery store with her this week. He is loaded up on drugs but bored out of his mind. This man never sits still - he built a HUGE playhouse for our niece just before having shoulder replacement surgery. He thought he would use that shoulder to its fullest before he got a new one!!!!

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Thank you everyone. I wasn't up to bringing the dogs back on Wednesday like I wanted to. I still hurt like a sonofB, but I have no choice but to bring them back today. I'm feeling a lot more up to it. In the meantime, kitty Oliver, who has been gloating in the attention, doesn't realize that those dang blasted mutts are coming back.



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