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Don't be cheap. Send $5 please.

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If something terrible happened to me then I would hope that you, my friends, would be among the first who would help me out.


Well, friends from the Border Collie boards, Diane Pagel and her husband Jeff Freeman, had a tragedy last month. Their barn burned down. They lost that, animals, priceless memorabilia, feed for the animals, a few vehicles...


They need our help.


I can't give much and I know many others on here who don't have alot to give either. Added up though, it can really help.


Please send $5 to:


Amy Bradley

PO Box 653

Fall City, WA 98024


So that you don't forget, or put it off, just grab a five dollar bill right now, wrap it in a piece of paper, and stick it in an envelope and put a stamp on it. No need for a return address.


I think just about everybody here, even lurkers :rolleyes: , can afford that.


Remember, something like this could have happened to any one of us. Please don't do nothing. Thanks!

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Well, I have a perfectly legit reason! DRUGS! Ha Ha stop thinking that! I have spontaneous hives. So when they flare up I take Alegra 180 twict a day and 40mg prednisone. Works like ah ah well, I AM still up! So the hives suck and the meds screw my schedule up! Thank God Jackson is glued to me so while I am up so is he and when I sleep so does he! Yay!


I will be there for supper in,,,,,,oh,,,,2 days! :rolleyes: Like there would be any left!

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