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Pensive Moment with Shoshone

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I take Shonie out by herself in the afternoon while Mr. Urge to Herd plays with the other 2 in the back yard. Shonie's arthritis in her front paws is so advanced that 1 short session of ball in the morning is all she can do anymore, so we split them up for the afternoon work out.


So, I take her out into the big green lawn that runs in front of our mobile home park, and play tug and wrestle with her for a few minutes every afternoon. She's gotten to really enjoy it. Yesterday, we tugged and growled at each other, I pushed her over on her side and she rolled around wildly for a minute on her back, got to her feet, grabbed the frisbee and threw herself back at me - Do it again, do it again! After a few rounds of that, she plopped herself down by my side, stretched out and nudged her head under my hand so I would scratch her neck.


When we first brought her home, on Halloween 1998, she was a terrified, skinny, mangy little dog who weighed about 30 lbs, and couldn't even stand to be in the same room with us. She hid in the back of her crate for weeks. We finally had to start luring her out of the crate with treats and closing the door behind her for a minute or 2 at a time, so she could see that outside the crate was safe for her.


She sank to the ground and froze in fear if we touched her, raised our voices at all, or if Samantha barked. She wouldn't walk on linoleum for a few months, was terrified of all household noises, Mr. Urge to Herd's deep voice, men who smoked cigarettes, cars going by, anything that you were holding in your hand, etc etc etc.


Life has sure changed for her. I was alternately crying a bit yesterday and laughing at her sillyness. It's been a long road with our Quirky Girl, and worth every minute.


Ruth n the BC3

Samantha, the Queen of Everything

Shoshone, Resident Evil Genius and Quirkster

Buzz, Mr. Charm

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Aww, what a sweet story I remember when Odin was so shy that he wouldn't even walk, he would only crawl!


Thanks for posting this, it really reminded me to sit back and think. Truly a "pensive moment" inspiring thread

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I love working with dogs like that and seeing the change you are talking about. It is wonderful and very fullfilling. Does anyone know what I mean? I just love giving these dogs a new lease (lol..or should I say leash?)on life.


Another reason I miss working. When I was able to work, I could take in so many more animals...

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! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Sue ahhhhh those stories of success are so inspiring. As you know and have come to our aid many times, we are still in the midst of the long road, mid journey and already looking back is really a bit ...breathtaking. Thanks for sharing that moment with us. Reading that helps me reaffirm.

Cheers to much more ball time and hand nudging.


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