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Twist is a more obviously white-factored dog (giveaways of white-factored dogs are white up the inside of the hind leg/stifle area and white that goes across the rump, the latter of which you can just see in some of the photos here):









(photo by Christine Koval)


This one shows the white stripe across the hip region:




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Believe it or not, this red dawg IS white factored. He has two white spots on his back about the size of peas. You have to know where to look for them, otherwise you would never guess. He gets sun bleached and the white hairs are not noticeable. His sire and dam are both white factored.



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Both these dogs are white factored. In the second pic you can see the small white "racing stripe" on the rear of the smooth coat dog, Reign. Seth's (the rough coat) Father was white factored and his mother was almost all black with minimal white.



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hmmmm. Some BC people say that Dazzy is because of the white tip on her right ear (a.k.a her "up" ear) but it is really small. None the less, they say that she carries (and shows) the white factor. Not 100% sure though:




Ear close up:


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White head is not the same thing as white factored. A dog can be white factored and be totally white except for color on it's head, especially the ears. Or, the dog can be white headed with a solid black body. Combine the two and you can get a BC with absolutely no color anywhere on its body.


Dazzy is only white headed while Jenna looks like she is both.

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This is an interesting thread (especially to those of us who don't have too much knowledge on genetics).


I suppose a tri-color BC can be white factored? Allie has a "bride-of-frankenstein" stripe behind her right ear, a lot of white fur on her rear and white running up the entire front of both stifles.





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Look closely at her back legs to be sure it's not actually light tan running up her back legs. I really don't think the stripes on the ears,etc. has anything to do with white factoring, but I could be wrong. Mark's Jody is marked similar to your dog, but she's not white factored because it's actually a light tan on her back legs except for her paws. Any color border collie can be white factored depending on how the white is distributed.


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Just out of curiousity, I took Allie out in the sunlight to examine her legs, and the stifle hair and rear hair appears to be very, very white, not light tan (although she has tan marks on all four of her legs, with white paws - she's actually very symetrically marked all the way around).


Renee, thanks for posting a picture of Jody -- she is lovely! I've read a lot of posts about her, but had never seen her picture. She is a striking dog.

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