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  1. Yes, I have been every year for the last seven years and have had my dogs as part of the Scottish Animals exhibit. We will be there again this year. There will also be duck or geese herding demos by a trainer in this area that I only know by name. The frisbee dogs are pretty amazing and have been there a couple of different times. The people and vendors are wonderful, the food is great and the music is OUTSTANDING if you like Celtic music.
  2. An agility friend sent this to me and I thought you all might enjoy it as well.
  3. I give one fish oil capsule a day to each of my dogs. Just make sure it is Fish BODY Oil and not Cod Liver Oil. Cod Liver Oil can cause a toxic build up of vitamins A & D.
  4. The scissor style nail clipper works way better than the guillotine type. They are usually much sharper, so cut fast and clean. Plus many of them (such as the Millers Forge brand) have a movable guard against the back so that you can only cut so far at one time which helps prevent quicking. That being said, nothing beats a Dremel for doing nails in my opinion. It's fairly fast, you can get closer to the quick, get a smoother nail, most dogs actually seem to tolerate it much better than clippers and if you do happen to quick the dog it's instantly cauterized by the the heat of the sandpaper attachment on the Dremel. My mom asked me to trim her 10 yr. old 100 lb. Lab's nails. They had gotten pretty long because he's gotten older and wasn't moving around as much - not playing with the younger dog, etc. He never really had his nails done before and he was very good about the Dremel even though he is deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Handling him made me appreciate how much easier it is to manuever the BC's in comparison for stuff like that!
  5. Our dogs favorite toys are: Balls Really long braided tuggies I make from microfleece so that multiple dogs can play at once Rawhide chewies Filled Kongs One dog only likes stuffed toys that make grunting or animal noises One dog only likes rubber squeaky toys One dog only likes her giant stuffed octopus toy I would really caution about the rope bones - at least never leave a dog unattended with them. My aunt's dog had the pieces of string that he chewed off get entangled in his intestines twice, both times requiring surgery and the second time they lost him. I think they are great for a throwing and retrieving toy though.
  6. The worst thing mine have rolled in is cat poop from when the neighbors cat decides to venture into the back of our property at night when the dogs are put up. They always seem to get it from one side of their neck all the way around to the other side. The next worse would be rotting fish. One of the messiest to clean up was when I took Bunny to a herding clinic and she decided she was going to find the biggest, wettest, runny pile of sheep poop to roll in before getting down to business. I think she was green from her nose all the way down to her chest and shoulders. Kinda wished I had gotten a picture of her now, but at the time I didn't even want to get near enough to leash her again I use either Odo-Ban, Nature's Miracle or Dr.s Foster & Smith Dog-tergent. Depends on what's handy, but they all seem to work equally well. I do rinse the crates very thoroughly and let them dry in the sun for a couple of hours when the weather permits. Jeanne
  7. Mine also get very noisy and rough when playing. I just let them go for the most part. Occasionally, they'll get a little over the top with the rough housing but will stop as soon as I yell "quit" or "hey". For my four youngest dogs, three or four way tug-o-war is their favorite indoor game. My two older dogs pick their moments. They usually aren't as rough, but occasionally surprise me Jeanne
  8. I think it also depends on the lines. Some lines grow and develop more slowly than others. I have two girls from a line that is known to grow slowly and be late in filling out. Both gained a half inch in height after they turned two years old.
  9. I know of one GSD that was a SAR dog there and he died a little over a year ago due to health problems resulting from working at Ground Zero. I'm really surprised to hear that few dogs have suffered from ill effects when so many of their human counterparts have - and I believe they had masks which the SAR dogs didn't.
  10. Another reason she could be urinating in her sleep is a UTI. One of my young dogs started urinating in her sleep and it turned out to be a UTI. The vet definitely needs to get a urine sample from her in order to test for it and should be able to do that if you take her in. In my girl's case they gave me one antibiotic to start off with based on what they found at their office, but sent it off to the lab for more detailed testing and we had to get a different antibiotic because of the type of bacteria found.
  11. Maria ~ I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby and the family stress you are dealing with right now. I have some similar issues with my step-mom as well, but my kids have suffered worse than I have. Let's just say they totally doted on my first son (first grandchild) until my step-brother had kids. Then mine got tossed aside. My youngest son they would never even have over because they said he was too active and needy - total BS. He was and is the easiest going kid ever. I never said a word to my kids, they noticed this shift on their own and brought it up to me. We have kind of distanced ourselves from them, which is a shame because I miss seeing my dad. Other issues too - but anyhow, just know you aren't alone. You can choose friends to be your family - someone doesn't have to have a blood tie to be family. I would really urge you to see a counselor or a therapist to help you deal with the situation. They can give you some great tools to use in dealing with your step-mom and your dad, plus maybe help you understand why they may be acting the way they are. In the interim, take a vacation from that side of the family and don't feel guilty about it. You didn't do anything wrong. (((Hugs!)))
  12. Mentally or physically? Physically, I'd say about 24 mos., but possibly a little longer - I think it really depends on the lines. I have two girls that both gained a half inch in height after they turned 2 yrs. old, but they come from a line that matures very slowly. Mentally - possibly never! Sorry, couldn't resist It just seems that way some days!
  13. Kris, That is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! It's beautiful!
  14. That's horrifying and so sad. Several years ago, there was a BC who lost half of her tongue in a paper shredder. Her owners didn't plan on euthanizing her, but it was too early to tell how she would fare over the long run. I never heard an update on how she was doing. Anyway, ours has an auto-on feature also. Ever since I heard about the BC who got her toungue caught not only is the shredder turned off, it remains unplugged unless we are actually using it.
  15. My dogs all have beautiful coats (more than I would like at times) except for Kerri. That includes her littermate Kael and her dam, Laura. Kerri is just 18 mos old, but is the only one to have a change in her coat. She never had a heavy coat, but she definitely had more hair last year than this year and it was in better condition. She has been on the same food as the rest since she was a puppy and it is a very high quality food. Those things make me think that its possibly her thyroid or she needs a change in diet. Her energy level is way up there and other being Ms. Needy/Nervous she is otherwise healthy. I have to take her in for her Rabies vaccination, so will ask them to check thyroid then. If its not her thyroid and the vet feels her diet is fine and can't find any other problems, then I think I'll just have to experiment to see if she does do better on a different food. I haven't heard of Acana before. Is it only sold in Canada?
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