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  1. Thanks you guys. I will try everything stated and see what works best for her and I. I don't recall her from a down anyways but have worked on sit from a down in the past. I will make sure to keep that off limits for now. I don't think it is anything physical because of the way she plays with my doxie and the look on her face says "I don't want to" or "you can't make me...can you?". Thanks everyone again!!!
  2. My family drove up to Washington state from New Mexico to help my In-Laws move down to New Mexico and Reyna got to come along. What a traveler she is almost 4,000 miles later she is still willing to get back into the truck. That girl got to see lots of new environments. Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and of course Washington then back down. She got to see the baren hot desert, the forest, the ocean (what a big monster mama), and the smokey northern california. She was such a trooper. Half way through the trip she knew what load up ment. Man I love this dog!!!!! When we got back I got the mail from the post office and in there was her paper's that was a good end of the trip. even if we were exhasted. We even managed to go to obedience class when we got home. She really seemed to miss it. Now shes been playing non-stop with the dogs we left home.
  3. OK Reyna is 4 months now and has been doing the down command for a month now and all of a sudden she won't do it. She looks away when I give her the command. I have been very good about not repeating the command. I never give up until she has done it. Some times I have to "put" her into the down. Should I give her praise and treat if I have to put her into the down. Am I pushing her to much. She knows sit, down, stay(sit and down), wait, and of course come. Thanks everyone in advance
  4. can anyone/everyone post pictures of their white factor dogs. PLEASE with a cherry on top
  5. It's your responsibility to ask all questions before breeding plain and simple
  6. Reyna graduated puppy school!!! She is only 13 weeks. I asked the trainer if we should repeat the puppy class, take some time off or jump into puppy class. She told me that Reyna is really smart so we could do adult class and if she couldn't handle the harder stuff she would simplify it for us. What do you guys think?
  7. If you name her zing you'd have to get another and name it zang....just kidding!!! It's been one of those mornings
  8. It isn't my border collie but its still a dog and I had to share. When ever I lunge one of my horses my german shepherd gets lunged too. He stays on the outside of the round pen and runs with the horse. At first the horses don't like it but they grow accustomed to it. Dylan isn't chasing the horses but just runs or long trots with them. Talk about an easy two in one work out. If I think about it I will take some pictures tomorrow.
  9. My mom has a VERY vocal Husky. He has that same growl but wouldn't hurt a fly. So good luck and just be watchful.
  10. I asked out of complete curiousity What is culling? As you can tell I know nothing about sheep. Luckly if and when I take the leap I have a close friend that raises sheep. I would only have them for my dogs and kids. I don't want to raise them and would prefer to buy them from my friend when needed (not sure if that was the best way to say that but couldn't think of another way at the moment). Thanks
  11. Thanks alot Muddy I really appriciate it. I have found some trials with in 5 hours of me so I plan on going to a few to get an idea how this "new world" works. Do you think it is OK for me to take my puppy with me. I try and take her everywhere with me but I have never been to this type of situation. I already planned to call ahead but thought for now I would ask y'all
  12. On average how many sheep do you own?
  13. I also wanted to ad. Never put your leash on at the same place during your walk. Along with recalls during your walk he will never know when your going to put that "evil" leash on. Good luck!!!
  14. I hear people talk about hearding facilities. I am new to the breed so I didn't even know they existed. Novice me oh well. Anyway where can I go to find one? I know I can always go back to my breeder and he could point me in the right direction but is there a place on the web?
  15. I will have you two (three including ydh) in my thoughts all day. I will be checking for updates and keeping my fingures crossed. Hopefully I can get work done around the house while constently checking for updates.
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