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Autumn is my favorite time of years. One of the reasons I love Pennsylvania. It helps that it’s great for pictures. :D

Cressa who is over 15.5 years old. She is the grey one with a blue eye.

Valek who is going on 8 years old and is the bestest boy ever.

Parker who is 4 years old and knows without a doubt he is a good boy.


Some of the pictures Include my sister dogs:

Eli who is 10 and is the red head

Rosco who is a shepherd mix and is 12 years old.









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Great set of photos! They all look so happy and I love the Autumn poses. Those Thanksgiving dinner plates sure look good too but I have to ask, what is the small turquoise object on each plate??? 

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I understand! :P Mine are also in capsules forms. I was using my sister dog probiotic and she has gel form. Cressa will refuse to take pills however she is indifferent to the gel.

None of the food “should” have caused an upset tummy since it wasn’t anything odd for them but it was just in case. 

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