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Goddamn workin' dog

Donald McCaig

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It seems that working Border Collies have a superior attitude towards any other canines, and they have a good reason. This is it. Bless their over-achieving, hard-working, get-a-move-on hearts. You just have to love them.

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We do voice characterisation and individual / personalised soundtracks and effects for all our animals which is almost impossible not to do now.  I did a lot of musical theatre production in my late teens / early 20's, we're all musical anyway but both kids are really big on animation and games development so..next year the four of us are booked into a recording studio using the sound booth to work with a script and video then editing to include a soundtrack and full job lot using the other two studios

BC's have such expressive faces too I hear voices normally but some I just hear sound effects or music as they move like screeching brakes / crashing cars or a slide whistle being played as one perilously attempts to balance and negotiate their way across rivers or whatever.

One of mine goes all "Sgt Hartman" from Full Metal Jacket if other dogs aren't getting a shift on or have got distracted and started pratting around.  She's patient but when the same bloody dog is holding everyone up (or pony when mine decides he isn't coming in) I can see her almost visibly aggravated, rolling her eyes, tutting / huffing then trotting over and giving it "Oi - today will do" but sometimes she's in no mood and goes straight at it

"You gotta war face??  Lemme see your war face AAARRGGH!!!

I cannot wait to get in the sound booth  :D

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