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  1. I love Kye's one up one down ears and Risk's fully pricked.
  2. I don't like airplane or tipped ears but if I had a dog with them I'm sure my views would change, just as they did with pricked ears. Embrace the inner dog - appearance doesn't matter.
  3. I rarely follow his blog now as he comes over as such an angry person and is not always nearly as well informed as he would have us believe.
  4. I have two "Nap" types in appearance - very different from each other in temperament.
  5. In the UK they're called crossbreeds by those who aren't easily conned. I can't understand why anyone would buy a high maintenance dog in grooming terms but then I don't believe in unnecessary work. She's failed to make a significant mark in the working world but made a moderate impression in the sport world, although nowadays there seem to be fewer with her affix competing than there were. Maybe that's why she's literally upped sticks and moved from Scotland and is apparently diversifying?
  6. One of the most consistent performers in the country with BCs, cockers and a Malinois teaches both RCs and 2o2o at the same time as separate exercises.
  7. Absolutely the opposite to denice. I do not give my dogs any reason to defend their possessions by taking to them away. They are allowed to eat in peace and if I want something off them they get something better when training. I've been able to get a bone from the back of the throat of one of mine that started off as food and toy possessive and still have all my fingers. That's not to say that I won't correct an older dog that forgets himself and acts out of character, but not a dog when we are new to each other and building a relationship.
  8. I'll be working on a ring on Sat so should be easy to find. Will let you know which one.
  9. Hope to meet up with you at the KCI then. Not doing BCC as my daughter has a non agility life too and is saving up her leave to spend three weeks in the US in September.
  10. Well done. You don't have to go back to square one if you compete in the UK. Are you coming to the KCI this year?
  11. My youngest dog is the same age as my granddaughter ( nearly 3 years old). He still can't read, even a bit, mathematical skills are minimal (doesn't grasp fractions afaik), he shows no signs of being able to use his imagination, can't negotiate a deal and he can't follow multiple instructions given at the same time. On the other hand, my granddaughter shows no ability in working sheep or interpreting her world through her nose.
  12. I don't think it's helpful to compare the developmental progress of two different species.
  13. Never bathed our 11 year old or our nearly 3 year old bcs . The nearly 14 year old hound x may have had a couple when young. Spot washes or mud rinses only as necessary.
  14. My youngest dog has never had any issues eating either but he has been DNA diagnosed as IGS affected. You can't rule it out. B12 injections slightly improved but didn't clear his loose stools long term. A complete raw food does seem to have done the trick as long as he doesn't go scavenging for disgusting stuff. However, I too think over feeding is a more likely culprit. I never read the recommended guidelines on food packaging. Trial and error works for me.
  15. I started my pup on a long line on the canal towpath and recalled frequently for a reward. Off lead as soon as I could trust him not to fall in the water and he would wait by my side when another dog approached. Limited space to run off, limited number of dogs to encounter under control. Done 1-1 without my other dogs. At 4 months he was off lead everywhere my other dogs were, although with more vigilance and less time. The idea of keeping a dog on lead for a year or more is alien to me but I guess it depends on availability of safe places to go.
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