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  1. When my Gina was 8 weeks old she was in the crate from 9 to 6 in the morning when we went out together. She did both potties and came back in. Rain or snow cold or colder. I did limit water intake after 8 pm at night but not now. She was put outside every 2 hours during the day and rewarded with an atta girl or treat when she pottied.
  2. Yes she seems to be coming back to the old Gina we know and love. Went out to the shop with me early this morning and got into the shop kennel with its really cushy bed and decided to stay..... I got her out and in the house and she is waiting for mom wake up time!!
  3. Gina will be 8 months old in a few more days. I picked her up at Doggie Day care/ Boarding this afternoon. They said she got along great and made new friends but was tired. She had DD Care morning and afternoon I was concerned she over did it. Seems little kind of stand offish not the loving dog we took over, maybe she was just tired and needed time to readjust. Will see in the morning. I had taken her over a couple times before we left to let her get acquainted with the place and staff.
  4. Thank you for the reply, I just wanted to do the best thing for her.
  5. Gina our BC is a little over seven months old and we need to be at a out of town funeral and will be gone about 4 days. Rather than taking her on a 10 hour road trip and keeping her kenneled for 6 / 7 hours at a time we would like to take her to doggie day care here that does boarding. Is she to young for this? Gina gets along well with most other dogs, and loves playtimes. Suggestions?
  6. We had Gina who will be 7 months old in a few days out to the lake. She loved to explore and be in the woods but she also discovered water. Wade in and out, a little deeper each time and finally to the point where she had to dog paddle back. Appeared to love it! Also knew mom and dad needed to experience the water also..... shaking right next to us!!
  7. Gina at 5 months and she has became the sweetest, but not perfect dog!
  8. I am sorry but no one really knows what has gone on in this dogs life, it could have been abuse, neglect or what? The answer would be she needs help.
  9. We have a trainer here in Ankeny but you need someone who specializes in dogs who have abused. My heart goes out to you and the task you have taken on.
  10. Priceless pictures. Thanks for posting.
  11. Its always tough to lose a 4 footed Friend. I hate to say it been when I had to put our 10 year old black Lab down because of cancer, it was harder than losing either of my parents. Shed a lot of tears.
  12. Our pup just turned 5 months old and what a turn around. My wife is working with a trainer to get her ready to be a therapy dog. Gina is now a joy to be around and well behaved. Now when my wife takes over to see her mother in the memory care home, Pats mom says," Do you think I should have gotten a smaller dog?" Pats mom raised two BC's and she thinks Gina is her dog, and in a way she is! Just want to thank again all you young ladies on here, for the help. It looks as if 98% of the posters are female! Picture of Gina and mom practicing Climb and Stay a few weeks ago.
  13. So Border Collies do not have their first heat at six months or it can vary? Gina is tall lankly and might weigh 30 lbs or so by now, she has really turned into a wonderful young dog. She is working on AKC requirements to become a Therapy Dog with our trainer.
  14. Sorry I posted off my IPhone and its hard to get things right. Was not able to do a Search as I know this has been asked before. One reason is the neighbor lady next to us not only has a untrained but unneutered male Aussie that can jump fences. We really do not want our 6 month old pup, having puppies! Thanks for the Reply.
  15. Our female BC be Six months old at the end of February. . We do not intend to have pups and are wondering when to have it done? Some say after her first cycle, our Lab we had done before. Gina has turned into a pretty darn nice dog, perhaps its the training or maybe she is done teething?
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