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I haven't been online for a while due to a couple of reasons. One is that I have been fighting cancer and will update that info in another post. The second is my beloved Maid died in Feb and now I am able to talk about her without bursting into tears.


Click on the lick below to read about her.





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I am sorry. I know held a special place in your heart. When you live and work beside a dog there is an entire different level to your relationship.

Lad passed away last April and I still get teared up thinking of him. I think of him giving shepherds a run for their money and taking some shepherd and teaching him the finer points of working sheep like he did for me. Giving them that LOOK that only he gives when you ask him to do the wrong thing. I am sure Maid had little things that made her unique making you smile. Remember those and those incredible moments you shared doing the everyday work when she was beside you.


The leave way to quickly, while they are here they bless us so greatly.

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Your tribute to Maid demonstrates how she was so much more than "just a dog". My heart says that such great pain from a loss is a reflection of such great love given. So sorry for your health issues but glad Maid was there to nurse you better. So, so sorry for your loss.

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Thanks Diane, for letting us all see that. What a great dog and great gift of a relationship. I'm sorry for your loss; especially after just a few years.


I pray that you are recovering from your illness well; and that in due time you will find the next dog to step in and (not replace, but...) fill the role that Tess and then Maid did. These dogs are truly a gift beyond measure.


Edit: I just read further in your blog. Bliss? I hope so.

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