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  1. It has been awhile since I have posted. My 3 year old spayed BC is submissive when meeting other dogs, but does like to play after greeting a dog she knows, if the dog is not too rowdy for her. Last night after rally class she and her younger Aussie friend (about 1 year and same size as Star) were playing off leash with both owners present and supervising. Their play consisted mainly of running around after each other in a big space. While it looked like both were having fun, when Star, when running, started to show her teeth I leashed her up and we quit. They probably ran around for about 5 m
  2. Interesting article in today's paper. Do you think this would work for a fearful dog. She is afraid of all the noises outside and currently takes Solliquin which helps some. http://www.inforum.com/news/4245446-scientists-find-common-antibiotic-could-prevent-or-treat-ptsd
  3. Like when the vet shows you how to stretch a muscle on your dog and the dog is totally cooperative. Then when you try it home, she's like "No, I don't want to do this." I sometimes wonder if at the vet she will do anything just so she can get out of there and go home.
  4. Here you go. Looks like a great pup.About Max: Max came to CBCR when his original owner found himself homeless and made the best decision for his puppy. His foster has spent the past few weeks helping him develop dog manners, including crate and housebreaking, playing nice and curbing his incessant need to chew on everything. Resource guarding of toys and people was nipped in the bud but could rear its ugly head without appropriate correction. This puppy is very keen to work sheep and, as a registered ABCA dog, is recommended for a working home. He has an absolutely wonderful, biddable
  5. Choco had what the vet called a "cerebral event" as he would not say for sure it was a stroke. The result was obvious. He had his head pointed to his hip when laying on his stomach and when partially upright. Could not walk unaided. I called the vet thinking we would need to euthanize him. Vet said to wait a few days, since Choco gave no indication of pain and was eating and drinking. I fed him by holding the bowl where he could reach it. He was outside in 4 days, sitting against a chair for extra support, head to the front as normal, and was obviously feeling good. He continued to progress. W
  6. My vet recommended I stop boarding my old BC as he aged. He said that it was a major stressor and Choco did not do well boarding although I took him to very good places, he always lost weight. I had a neighbor he was use to, come into the house twice a day. I once had to go on a work trip for a week and the dog had been recently injured and on tramadol, but they did fine together. Hopefully the vet can give some guidance. If possible have the husband at the upcoming vet visit too.
  7. My old BC bark tone changed. It can be a symptom of DM as we found it later to be in Choco's case. But he was much older than your BC, 16 at the time. If it is noise sensitivity bothering your dog, Solliquin may help. I have had fairly good results using it with Star.
  8. 1. Don't veterinarians take an oath? If so, she deliberately violated the oath. 2. She improperly identified a pet cat as a feral cat. Feral cats usually have a certain look to them, that this one certainly did not. 3. There is a question as to if the cat was even completely dead at that point, due to the postioning of the legs, but she seems to think it is dead. She demonstrated a lack of judgement. When I take a beloved pet to the vet, I do not want the vet to have problems with judgement. I trust them to be experts in my pet's care and to be compassionate when caring for my pet. I
  9. Do you have time to take him somewhere and do something just with him the other dogs do not get to do? Is he suited for the children reading programs some therapy dogs do? I have seen some BCs do that, though mine would not be suited for it.
  10. Going to 1/2 tablets twice a day did not work at all. We are back to one tablet in the morning and sometimes 1/2 or 1 additional tablet in late evening, such as last night when we had 2 waves of storms. Have been on 3 short walks now and doing lots of rewarding after the walk, similiar to when we were housebreaking as a puppy with high value treats and happy, happy voice. Star is still a bit hesitate at times and I am choosing very quiet times to try a short walk where I can control the conditions as much as possible.
  11. Star has been on Solliquin for 2 weeks. Her fear and reactive problems started last fall. We have not been on walks since then as she is too scared and will run to her kennel when I ask if she wants to go on a walk. When I asked her on Sunday night, she surprised me by going to the door. We put on her harness and I took her on a short walk. Her tail was up the whole time (not tucked between her legs). It has been too hot since then to try it again. Yesterday Star went to the vet who has been treating her for an iliopsoas strain. He noticed a difference in her right away. This is the
  12. So Star has been on Solliquin for 1 week. Today was a great day for Star! Here is her progress report, sorry it is a bit long. The neighbor kids drive electric kiddie cars around. This really makes Star very reactive, barking, and running around inside the house, tearing up toys. I do try to distract her with a soundtrack she is use to, turning on the fan, closing off bedrooms and staying in the room the farthest from the noise, but usually with very limited success, actually no success. This has created some tension between the neighbors and I, as I have asked them not to run the kiddie
  13. Agree with the others. You need to leave that trainer ASAP. I would also leave the prong collar and the alpha rolls.
  14. Interesting night. We had very bad storms with tornado warnings here in North Dakota. Star reacts to the thunder by barking and getting excited, and if it is a long storm or a particularly bad one, panting. We had quite a bit of thunder and it was only 5 days after the dreaded fireworks, so that may have been a factor. I don't have a basement but kept her in an inside room with me and the radio on. She was still overly excited afterwards as it was a longer storm and late at night, when she is known to still get the zoomies on occasion. The Solliquin does say you can give an additional dose wh
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