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  1. It has been awhile since I have posted. My 3 year old spayed BC is submissive when meeting other dogs, but does like to play after greeting a dog she knows, if the dog is not too rowdy for her. Last night after rally class she and her younger Aussie friend (about 1 year and same size as Star) were playing off leash with both owners present and supervising. Their play consisted mainly of running around after each other in a big space. While it looked like both were having fun, when Star, when running, started to show her teeth I leashed her up and we quit. They probably ran around for about 5 minutes before this started and Star was getting pretty excited. Her tail was up as when she plays and she was not growling. Was this play or aggression? She can snap at new dogs occasionally at class, so I am very careful on introducing her to new dogs, but do want her to have the opportunity to run and play with other dogs. She and this dog had already met several times on leash and both expressed the desire to play on leash. We do not go to dog parks. My previous BC was a more low key BC compared to Star, though still quite active, and did not show teeth, so this is new to me.
  2. Interesting article in today's paper. Do you think this would work for a fearful dog. She is afraid of all the noises outside and currently takes Solliquin which helps some. http://www.inforum.com/news/4245446-scientists-find-common-antibiotic-could-prevent-or-treat-ptsd
  3. Like when the vet shows you how to stretch a muscle on your dog and the dog is totally cooperative. Then when you try it home, she's like "No, I don't want to do this." I sometimes wonder if at the vet she will do anything just so she can get out of there and go home.
  4. Here you go. Looks like a great pup.About Max: Max came to CBCR when his original owner found himself homeless and made the best decision for his puppy. His foster has spent the past few weeks helping him develop dog manners, including crate and housebreaking, playing nice and curbing his incessant need to chew on everything. Resource guarding of toys and people was nipped in the bud but could rear its ugly head without appropriate correction. This puppy is very keen to work sheep and, as a registered ABCA dog, is recommended for a working home. He has an absolutely wonderful, biddable personality and excellent recall for his age, however deer make him lose his mind. To date Max has no noise phobia and is not reactive to moving machinery. He resides in a multi dog household, has met many other dogs and people in many environments and is friendly to all. He has been transported across many states and is an excellent traveler. He does show herding behaviors that irritate non herding breeds and would chase small dogs if allowed. He has not been exposed to children or cats. He is located in central NC. Contact Diane (Americana.Farm@gmail.com ) for additional information.
  5. Choco had what the vet called a "cerebral event" as he would not say for sure it was a stroke. The result was obvious. He had his head pointed to his hip when laying on his stomach and when partially upright. Could not walk unaided. I called the vet thinking we would need to euthanize him. Vet said to wait a few days, since Choco gave no indication of pain and was eating and drinking. I fed him by holding the bowl where he could reach it. He was outside in 4 days, sitting against a chair for extra support, head to the front as normal, and was obviously feeling good. He continued to progress. We did have 5 more months together before I had to let him go at 17 years due another health issue. He did have a very strong will to live and bounced back. I am glad the vet exercised caution, but he also knew my dog well and his ability to bounce back.
  6. My vet recommended I stop boarding my old BC as he aged. He said that it was a major stressor and Choco did not do well boarding although I took him to very good places, he always lost weight. I had a neighbor he was use to, come into the house twice a day. I once had to go on a work trip for a week and the dog had been recently injured and on tramadol, but they did fine together. Hopefully the vet can give some guidance. If possible have the husband at the upcoming vet visit too.
  7. My old BC bark tone changed. It can be a symptom of DM as we found it later to be in Choco's case. But he was much older than your BC, 16 at the time. If it is noise sensitivity bothering your dog, Solliquin may help. I have had fairly good results using it with Star.
  8. 1. Don't veterinarians take an oath? If so, she deliberately violated the oath. 2. She improperly identified a pet cat as a feral cat. Feral cats usually have a certain look to them, that this one certainly did not. 3. There is a question as to if the cat was even completely dead at that point, due to the postioning of the legs, but she seems to think it is dead. She demonstrated a lack of judgement. When I take a beloved pet to the vet, I do not want the vet to have problems with judgement. I trust them to be experts in my pet's care and to be compassionate when caring for my pet. I doubt her inner attitude would change, even if she says she would not do it again. By the way, she was arrested for DWI in July...more demonstration of a lack of judgement. This one, put other humans at risk.
  9. Do you have time to take him somewhere and do something just with him the other dogs do not get to do? Is he suited for the children reading programs some therapy dogs do? I have seen some BCs do that, though mine would not be suited for it.
  10. Going to 1/2 tablets twice a day did not work at all. We are back to one tablet in the morning and sometimes 1/2 or 1 additional tablet in late evening, such as last night when we had 2 waves of storms. Have been on 3 short walks now and doing lots of rewarding after the walk, similiar to when we were housebreaking as a puppy with high value treats and happy, happy voice. Star is still a bit hesitate at times and I am choosing very quiet times to try a short walk where I can control the conditions as much as possible.
  11. Star has been on Solliquin for 2 weeks. Her fear and reactive problems started last fall. We have not been on walks since then as she is too scared and will run to her kennel when I ask if she wants to go on a walk. When I asked her on Sunday night, she surprised me by going to the door. We put on her harness and I took her on a short walk. Her tail was up the whole time (not tucked between her legs). It has been too hot since then to try it again. Yesterday Star went to the vet who has been treating her for an iliopsoas strain. He noticed a difference in her right away. This is the ortho vet who order the Solliquin for us and he was so impressed by Star's comfort level he mentioned he would be ordering it for the clinic. Star did not have her tail tucked between her legs during the visit. It was up and wagging except during the examinanation (still not tucked though) and treatment. Also today the duplex next door caught fire. Everyone and their pets got out okay, but it is right next to ours. I have a large backyard, but small side yard. We had fire trucks and numerous emergency vehicles here in front of our house and of course the fire was close enough you could smell it. I put Star in her kennel and gave her another Solliquin as soon as I realized there was a fire next door. The directions do say you can give another dose if there is a stressful event. Star only got excited for a very short time and then settled down. The trucks were running the whole time and they used my lawn as a staging area for the firemen. Finally, yesterday I asked the vet if I could split her dose and he agreed. Instead of giving one tablet in the morning, I will be giving her 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. I was going to start that today, but the fire nextdoor preempted that plan. I want to split the dose becuase she seems to need some more in the late evening, so I thought we would try this. I feel this product is definately worth a try if you have a noise sensitive or anxious dog. Star is right at the cut off weight for the larger dosage and the vet has us taking the larger dose of 1 tablet per day. For smaller dogs, it is less costly as they need only 1/2 a tablet per day. It is also available in a formula for cats. You do have to get it from a vet, at least right now. We have already ordered 2 more bottles. The vet said he had originally hesitated to order it for the clinic as it was somewhat expensive, but after seeing Star he was going to order it. I told him if it works owners will want it and the bonus is it has no known side effects or adverse reactions.
  12. So Star has been on Solliquin for 1 week. Today was a great day for Star! Here is her progress report, sorry it is a bit long. The neighbor kids drive electric kiddie cars around. This really makes Star very reactive, barking, and running around inside the house, tearing up toys. I do try to distract her with a soundtrack she is use to, turning on the fan, closing off bedrooms and staying in the room the farthest from the noise, but usually with very limited success, actually no success. This has created some tension between the neighbors and I, as I have asked them not to run the kiddie cars near my house. It is always Star who alerts me to the cars, I don't know what she is reacting to until I open the door and hear them as I can't hear them when indoors, though obviously she can. Today, Star was just laying in the living room, awake, and I opened the patio door for the breeze and I heard the kiddie cars, she did not react. Not wanting to push our luck, I closed the door and did not make a big deal out of it other than to let her do some tricks for treats. Around supper time, I had the patio door open for the breeze again. Star normally will not go out into the fenced back yard unless she sees me at the door or I go with her. She spends little time outside before she races inside, tail tucked. She has gotten into the habit of going out and nosing around in the very early morning, before 6AM and again, late at night, both times when it is very, very quiet outside, but some days, she will not even do that. Usually when I have the patio door open during the day or evening she will choose to go into her kennel in the bedroom and hide. When she comes out, she will peek around the corner and if the patio door is open, go back to her kennel. Tonight at suppertime I had it open and she went out and played in the yard on her own, running and nosing around. She only did this for a bit and then came in, then went out and did it again. Now while this is an improvement, it is not the REALLY BIG NEWS. Later after supper, I was washing dishes and suddenly wondered where was Star as she is usually underfoot when dirty dishes are involved. I looked around and then out the kitchen window and she was sitting in the backyard, with her back to the house, quite relaxed. What a joy to see her enjoying the outside in a relaxed manner. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw her do this. We still have a ways to go, but what an improvement! A goal I hope we will achieve is to go on walks, but I do not want to push her into it. I am happy with the progress she has demonstrated today.
  13. Agree with the others. You need to leave that trainer ASAP. I would also leave the prong collar and the alpha rolls.
  14. Interesting night. We had very bad storms with tornado warnings here in North Dakota. Star reacts to the thunder by barking and getting excited, and if it is a long storm or a particularly bad one, panting. We had quite a bit of thunder and it was only 5 days after the dreaded fireworks, so that may have been a factor. I don't have a basement but kept her in an inside room with me and the radio on. She was still overly excited afterwards as it was a longer storm and late at night, when she is known to still get the zoomies on occasion. The Solliquin does say you can give an additional dose when events are particularly stressful, but I did not since she had only been on it 3 days and on the higher dose. She is right at the weight for going to the higher dose and the vet said to have her on the higher dose to start with. Some dogs can (sometimes) experience nausea if a 2nd dose is given. Then a 2nd stream of storms came in about 1 1/2 hours later with A LOT of loud rolling thunder. After I realized she was only getting worse, I gave her a 2nd dose, it came about 16 hours after her normal morning, once a day, dose. 30 minutes later she was sleeping through the storm. I should have given it earlier. She seems fine this morning. For those unfamiliar with Solliquin, it is a fairly new daily supplement only available through veterinarians, to help with noise anxiety. My vet had to special order it. The links in my first post provide details as to how it works.
  15. Maralynn, Are they using the Solliquin or the Sileo?
  16. I do use Canidae. I had my puppy on Wellness, but they changed the source for their products and she got sick on a bad bag. My main concern in selecting a brand was it did not come from a processing plant that had had recalls and other problems. I was able to determine the food I chose did not come from that plant through emails with their customer service. Another factor that limited my selection was the amount of protein. Some of the high quality kibbles had more protein than she could tolerate. She was very high strung as a young pup and it was recommended that she would do better on a medium protein diet and adult food. That said there are other high quality kibbles out there. It is hard to determine what is best. Good luck. I would recommend buying a smaller bag to start with in case your dog does not do well on it and stay away from brands sold in grocery stores. You could put your pup on adult food now. I also mix my dog's kibble food with Canidae canned food. She eats slower and gets more moisture that way.
  17. We are starting the Solliquin today. It just arrived at the vet. Here are some links for those interested. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/296194967_Case_report_series_of_clinical_effectiveness_and_safety_of_SolliquinTM_for_behavioral_support_in_dogs http://www.cliniciansbrief.com/sites/default/files/attachments/CN_The%20Fearful,%20Anxious,%20%26%20Worried%20Pet.pdf (page 3 discusses the ingredients). I would be interested in hearing if anyone else is using Solliquin and their results. I would also be interested in anyone who used Sileo for the fireworks or other situations and what were the results. The fireworks here in Fargo ND were very bad in our neighborhood this year.
  18. I put a little wet dog food on an icecube for Star and she really liked it. This was after she turned the ice cube down. She definitely prefers soft ice cubes over the hard ones.
  19. Also there is a facebook group called Orthodogs which may be useful. Many of the members have dogs going through the same surgery and rehab.
  20. DOBEDVM, Thank you for the suggestions. We have used the pheromones. I plug them in when during the school year when I am teaching, in the room that Star stays in while I am gone. I also have the spray. I am not sure if they work. Star had Trazadone when she was spayed at 14 months last summer to help keep her quiet. The clinic was worried it would knock her out. It only made her sleepy for about an hour and then seemed to have no effect, but I still used it for a week. My vet thinks the Solliquin is a good product for Star. He has ordered some of the tablets for her. I am looking forward to trying them. I would not have known to ask about Solliquin if you had not suggested it. For anyone else interested, the Nutramax website has more info on it, including ingredients. I have not tested Star for the MDR1 gene. I did send away for the kit (from Washington University, I think) but have never taken the swab and sent it in. I should do that. Star is so different from the last border collie I had in some ways. Choco was a very confident dog, though he did not like storms. Star is not confident but could care less about about storms and even loves to play in the rain. Choco was easier to train, Star loves training, but does not make it easy, though once she learns something she has it down pat. She is more "herdy" as well. So thanks again for the advice.
  21. This ad just popped up on a western North Dakota site I watch for BCs. Sometimes you see free BC advertised "due to not enough time" and I have had good luck getting breeders to take them back when I notify them. I really know nothing about herding cows, but thought you might find the video interesting for the topic. These dogs are advertised as Hanging Tree Dogs. When I was looking for a BC puppy the only ones I found on ND were bred for cattle work or were AKC Confirmation dogs. Neither was what I was looking for. http://www.bismanonline.com/stanley_nd/hanging_tree_cattle_dog_puppies Also apparently there is a Hanging Tree Cowdog Association. Note reference to DNA testing. http://www.hangintreecowdog.net
  22. I had asked about this, twice, before the appointment. The rehab tech told me they have have a session in the morning, let the dog rest, and then rehab session 2 in the afternoon. They also take them outside a bit. The clinic is located in the country, about 30 minutes by (fast) interstate, from Fargo, where most people in the area are employed. I dropped her off at 7:30 and picked her up at 3. This something I will ask about again. They did do several things with her: exam, water treadmill, ultrasound, massage, and cold laser. It was $155 for the day and that charge includes everything.
  23. It is hard keeping Star calm sometimes. She will not go on walks due to being fearful. If we could change that it would be very helpful. She likes to play in the house with her toys and is attached to me. We do participate/train in Rally at a local club, but not in competition (she is not registered with AKC, only ABCA and I do not think she would like the crowds at competition). While Rally is not as much fun as running through tunnels, it keeps her from getting "ramped up" and gives her something to do. She is only on Rimadyl and normal heartworm and tic preventatives. She normally allows handling and I work on that everyday with her. The only area she still balks at with me is her ears. She LOVES dog school and (normally) all people and most dogs.
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