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I've been wanting to put in an application for a bc in a rescue for months now and finally emailed the foster mom about him a couple days ago. It's looking like we're gonna do a meet and greet in early January, after the holidays since I will be swamped until then, and if everything goes well and he likes me and Jinx he'll come home with us.


He does come with a fear of strangers and separation anxiety but I feel like those are both problems that can be fixed. Or at least the fear of strangers. As for the separation anxiety, his foster mom says that since he is bonded to her personal dog he does fine if left crated next to her, so hopefully he will develop that sort of bond with Jinx, though I know I can't count on it.


He loves dogs, and toys, and water and is absolutely adorable. And his name is Tweed.






the photos are taken off the rescues site so they aren't mine.



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Wow! What a handsome guy. The picture of him in a tie is awesome!


And I love the name! It's always been one of my favorite traditional BC names. I once named a female Twill, which is an earlier version of the word "tweed", and sounded feminine to me.


Congratulations on your new addition! I hope you'll all be very happy together.

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If you do adopt him, I highly recommend joining the shy canines yahoo group. They have tons and tons of resources for helping every manner of fear. I've found that every fearful dog is a little different from the last I worked with, and that group has always been a go-to for me.


I wish you all the best if you adopt him.

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Yes, I brought him home! They do get along. Keep trying to mount each other though, mostly tweed trying to mount Jinx.


Jinx has been being a bully and stealing all the toys that Tweed wants to play with. They were just chewing bones on the bed with me on it. Jinx sits as far from me as he can and tweed just had to be touching me while he chewed. Then Jinx tried to take Tweeds bone and Tweed growled. I didn't correct it, he hasn't growled at me, just at jinx when he tried to steal his bone which seems reasonable to me.


He's so dainty compared to Jinx. Chicken legs and little tiny feet.







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Nice looking dog, and congrat's for rescuing Tweed. Great name.


A quick word of caution about introducing the dogs, to some extent, on your bed. I have found the bed to be a hot-spot. The old-timer can have strong feelings about the newcomer being in that location, or vice-versa.


You are there to see exactly how they behave and supervise/monitor, and are in the best position to decide how it is going; what is working. Keep a close eye on them for a while, and wish you the very best. -- TEC

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