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  1. I know someone on here has them. I've seen me in person but don't have them myself but Im getting them I think I like them.
  2. Gosh i offer my adult dog three cups of food a day. sometimes he eats it all sometimes he doesn't, usually he doesn't. He's a very lean dog. I could probably leave food out for him and he'd only eat what he needs to. I offer his breakfast for 15 minutes and his dinner for fifteen minutes. Haven't figured out yet how much my brand new pup needs yet. So i'm starting by offering 1/2 cup of food each meal(3 meals 15 minutes each) if he finishes it all each meal I might add a little more. if he doesn't finish each meal, Ill take some away. As long as he stays lean and has good energy I'm pretty lax about how much they eat... I'm also constantly using kibble and raw/freezedried food for treats. I know there's some days I personally eat like a bird and others where i could eat a whole horse.
  3. I agree with not putting your dog on the ground where there might be a lot of stray unvaccinated dogs. I don't really like putting puppies down at the vet, either... but places like hardware stores and places dogs really shouldn't be eliminating... its like pups gone wild Like suggested, I would talk to your vet. See how prevalent those diseases are in your area. I mean... I know people with dogs who have never been vaccinated in their lives and are doing great.
  4. I use to make carpet mills and sell them to urban mushers. Dogs definitely need a much longer treadmill than you would think. My parents 20 lb mini poodle needed at least 3 1/2 feet to be able to run. There was a leash attached to the back of it. The dogs need something to kinds pull against if the inclination isn't super steep.
  5. That is the LAMEST excuse I've ever heard for not spaying a dog. Spay both dogs and feed the GSD less. You're going to end up with a dead dog or a dog that has killed another dog.
  6. I trim belly and butt to about 1/2 in. did that last summer and his coat grew back perfect. Just did it again. I'll try and get a pic today.
  7. OH MY GOODNESS. I have never had a litter of puppies play on me before. It is the most amazing thing in the world. They were soon cute and happy. All but the one the breeder is going to keep happily jumped all over me as soon as I stepped into their pen. They already seem way more socialized than Jinx was when I got him. I got to see the mom work some ducks. like 80 ducks. It looked hard. I really liked this boy because of his face so I definitely went there hoping that this little guy would pick me. But THIS little guy was all over me and I was able to get him to chase toys and tug a little and once that started he was going for his other toys and all sorts of excited. I think this guy picked me... Put a deposit down today. Not sure exactly which pup I'm getting, but I'm sure all of them will be great.
  8. About to go and see them, I will definitely take lots of puppy pics. Luckily they're only about 1.5 hrs away from where I live. Hope I end up with either a smooth tri or a smooth red dog. But either one will be great.
  9. Jinx usually avoids rude in your face people. The type to pet your dog even when you ask them not to. So he'll usually put himself on the other side of me and people tend to not try and pet him. But if they do, a quick stern "Leave it!" works great for both pup and human. It's more for the human. Jinx is a great avoider and we generally walk off leash. No one has ever wanted to pet him badly enough to chase him down. I just keep going unless it's a narrow path and a big group or horses or something like that. Then we'll pull over and stop. But I'm not too worried about horseback riders or bikers stopping to pet the dog.
  10. Oh man, well we haven't been around in a while we've been very busy with work after moving. Jinx took it all in stride. We live a couple miles from a lake and he loves swimming but hates putting sandy objects in his mouth. he'll swim for hours. I have to stop him or he'll just keep going. Recently he took to just swimming for no reason or with very little encouragement. He's gonna be turning 2 in July and has become a pretty good dog now. Not the biggest fan of strangers but not exactly aggressive. He just avoids people he doesn't want to interact with. He goes pretty much everywhere with me. In a gondola before running down a ski run. So after suppressing the constant urge for a puppy for long enough. Now that Jinx is a dog who does handstands for me. I've decided to get a puppy and train it up for some SAR. I originally found an ad on NCWSA for puppies but that person had already sold all her pups, but she directed me to another person with a litter born recently. I'm gonna check them out tomorrow, I'm pretty excited. I gotta reread some books I wish I would have read before I got Jinx. Now I'm a little fuzzy on their details. Spring is full of puppies. I think Jinx is gonna love having a friend. And a ton of my friends have recently gotten puppies and he's done amazing with them, he shares his toys and lets them win in tug.
  11. I have thrown THOUSANDS of dollars at this dog getting him fixed from sticks getting stuck in his butt(they literally had to pull the stick out of his butt), other obstructions needing surgery, extracting a tooth and the subsequent infection from that, fractured growth plates, other random infections resulting in bloody diarrhea and vomit and expensive vet visits, oh and he also has bad hips, which can only lead to MORE expensive vet trips. When there isn't something wrong with him, there's nothing wrong with him he's perfectly healthy there's no reason he should be getting sick so often. He gets fed great food that he does well on. A rotation of Orijen, wellness, merricks, acana, TOTW, Instinct, and raw(either homemade prey model raw or Natures variety) He lives in the mountains with lakes and miles of backcountry trails and has a great doggy life. Everyone who knows me knows my dog as he goes everywhere with me, he's an integral part of my life. He was supposed to get neutered tomorrow(but now can't). Because a couple days ago I noticed him acting off and he has had bloody diarrhea and a fever again for the past few days and he's just not himself. Drinking very little and hardly eating. I just spent almost two grand in vet bills on him two months ago. I just really don't know what to do. I can't keep spending that kind of money on him every couple months. Please don't yell at me and say I'm a horrible owner. I know he's my responsibility but he's had more problems in his 18 months than most dogs in their entire lifetime. I had money set aside for vet visits for him, he's already burned through that pretty quick. Pet insurance only helps so much. I'm very upset about this, I love my dog he's so smart and so willing to do anything for me, he literally does handstands for me. I just don't know what do to. I can't keep throwing money at him to fix him only have to break again in a couple months.
  12. It's the same, teach them to target with back paws then scratch it with back paws.
  13. Teach her how to "file" her own nails. Jinx lets me clip his nails, but it's much easier for me to just secure sand paper onto a board and let him scratch it a few times with each paw. He doesn't mind at all. I just used a clicker. click for touching it, then click for dragging his paw across, then for pawing it multiple times.
  14. Jinx will only take food directly given to him. This morning I got up at 5 made breakfast went back to bed to eat and was full with some food still on the plate. Left the plate with leftover food on the nightstand and fell asleep. Nightstand is at his mouth level, he could have easily stolen it, I woke up five hours later to see all the food still there, he left it completely alone. I did a lot of work with him eating only food given directly to him. A lot like this
  15. I walk my dog next to streets, on a sidewalk or not(there's not too many sidewalks where I live). But he doesn't give a hoot about chasing cars(or squirrels, or cats, he really doesn't have much of a prey drive for small animals. I've seen squirrels run directly in front of him and he just keeps on doing his thing.) and actually listens better off leash. Most of the dogs here are off leash the majority of the time. I live in the mountains and lots of people let their dogs just roam as well. My neighborhood is FULL of vacation and second homes with only 3 full time residents on my street, so its very quiet, and the woods are my backyard with a path that lots of people take their dogs on. If Jinx is on lead and another dog rushes up to him and gets in his face he does react mildly aggressively, even if I'm completely calm and not pulling on his leash. But if he's off lead I can just call him to heel and he will, knowing he can get away from the other dog. If I'm walking in a really busy place like a parking lot or something I will put him on leash(4-6ft or a traffic lead), but otherwise... he listens well enough, and our environment is extremely dog friendly. And he's smart enough to look both ways before going into a street, I've seen him stop chasing a ball that went in the street, look both ways, then go get it. But again, I'm on a street that sees maybe 20 cars a day in the off season?
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