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  1. She looks gorgeous, so you know she knows it too...
  2. Zoey is extremely affectionate. She loves cuddling, hugs, kisses ears, leans into petting and scratching, lays her head into my lap, sleeps nearby me, snuggles.... We got her at 4 months old from a wonderful long-time BC breeder, who thought she wanted to keep her, until Zoey "picked" me by not wanting to leave my lap during a visit, lol....she is by far the cuddliest and sweetest BC I have ever been around-- my first BC, a male, was a serious watchdog with little interest in anything other than play or security detail with a little viciousness thrown in; my Ringo (male) and Disney (female) w
  3. I really appreciate all the input!! I will definitely take Zoey to Nolin Lake next summer. It has gradual entry into the water, and I will forgo the life jacket in this environment. I cautiously decided to have her wear the jacket while swimming in Lake Cumberland's deep water due to her initial anxiety of the boat, she used to be so timid about looking over the edge at the water-- I was afraid she might panic, jump out into the 100 ft. deep lake and drown...I have been paranoid, but as she's gotten more at ease and comfy in the boat, so have we. I guess I have been hoping for the best sce
  4. Thanks for your reply, makes sense about the pond/creek/shallow beach type entry. It's just that there aren't many to choose from without driving for an hour, as most of the ponds/creeks/small lakes nearby are on private farmland and have cattle or pigs (shew) or the small lakes are water reservoirs with no swimming allowed. I guess I better plan frequent one hour drives to the lakes with the swim beaches to get her better acquainted to swimming in a lake. I want her to learn that large expanses of water are to not be feared but respected, and she is very very smart and environmentally awar
  5. Hi waffles, thanks for the reply. I understand that she might not really be hot and don't wanna get in the water, though I beg to differ that she just might be. When it is in the 90's with blazing sunshine and she only has the shade of approx. 3x5 foot bimini canopy and no breeze, plenty of water to drink, and we've been floating for a couple of hours at anchor in a cove, I want her to join us in the water to get used to what it's like AND to cool off. Maybe I am being selfish and thoughtful over being more attentive to what my dog might not like to do. But guess what-- I can't change my w
  6. Awww, your Zoey looks just like my beloved Disney we lost in January. She was 14. I miss her so much but now "my Zoey" has filled our hearts again, and she is very heavy footed as well. Maybe it's in the name??!! And not only is my Zoey heavy footed and hippity-hoppity like a bunny when excited, she also uses her claws like a cat does. I can't keep her nails trimmed and smoothed out enough without getting the occasional scratches when she literally grips part of me. Never had such a heavy footed dog like her either. And if I could figure out how to share a pic of her from my phone to m
  7. Zoey (15 mo. old BC) has a fear of the lake we are at almost every weekend year-round. Lake Cumberland is a large, deep, clear lake surrounded by wilderness, limestone cliffs, located in the foothills of the Cumberland mountains. Vastly undeveloped except for locations near marinas. Boat ramps are steep, no shallow areas, especially on the west end of the lake, where we like to call our second home. There aren't any swim beaches so our swimming is done off of our boat. She doesn't mind the boat rides, it's when we go swimming that makes her nervous. It can get very hot during the summer
  8. Hi socj, I've had 4 border collies and they all have been so different in signaling their "needs". Zoey is our only dog now, and at 15 months old, I am still figuring out her needing to go out to relieve herself-- she is an easy read on just about every other need or want. She never whines, but is very expressive or just plain obvious. Bathroom signals can range from a lick on my elbow and then staring off into the distance, lol, to going to the door, jumping up and staring out the window or just circling the kitchen table, sitting at the door, etc. etc.... I find that I pretty much control
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