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Some days Gibbs belongs to me

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It's been a busy couple weeks here at My New Life, Inc. A fair amount of income-producing work, a TON of creative work along the path to an empire of my own, some anger/sadness/fear/etc about the ending of my marriage. Dealing with it all in good spirits, and Super Special Agent Gibbs has not been neglected, at least in my eyes. Thursday he got two walks from good friends of his, plus our usual visit to the dog park and our own evening ramble.


Friday he got to go to doggy day care, where he always has a hollerin' good time. Whilst he was off gallivanting I had the carpets cleaned and the pilot lights on my furnace and hot water heater turned back on. And called a wildlife nuisance abatement company. Apparently we have raccoons for roommates.


Today I am rejoicing in clean carpets and an incredible sense of spaciousness and possibility. I am also cleaning baseboards and trying out some new furniture arrangements here and there.


I'm crouched on the floor, alternately swiping at really dirty baseboards and wondering if that table would fit in this corner, when Gibbs trots over. His tail is waving, he's got the bc grin on his face.


He plops his head on the ground and starts to rub it over my nice clean carpet, with his butt in the air and that gaily waving tail going so fast I can feel the breeze. He runs his head up against my thigh, and stays there for a loooong while. I wait for another move. I get it!


Tag! You're IT!!!! He bops my nose with his, then does the tucked butt run around the living room, ending by sliding into 'home base', head down on the ground against my thigh, butt in the air and tail still wagging.


So for now I belong to the border collie. He's earned it, and so have I.


Agent Gibbs and Ruth

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Great story - sounds like GIbbs appreciated the clean carpets, too.


PS - Dan doesn't do the doggie face, etc., rub in the family room where I wouldn't care. He much prefers the living room, where I do care, and where the carpeting is (marginally) better. Go figure!

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