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Hello - New and from Germany

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First some information's from me:


I am Jenny from Bavaria, Germany. I have two Border Collies, 2 and 6 years old. At the moment I have 8 Suffolk sheep's, 4 Scottish Blackface, 1 Heidschnucke and 12 Mixes. I am awaiting this year approx. 24 - 30 lambs.

With my young dog, I am starting in 2011 my first Trial. At home he is my main working dog, because my older dog has a very bad hip and can´t run so much. The mother of my 2 years old dog was breaded by Mike Hall, the father was out of A.D.Scrimgeour´s Ben 220939. 2 times every year we train with Alun Jones from Wales. He visits us for 1 clinic every year since 2010 and we attend 1 clink with Alum Jones in Munich at Friends. This year Alun Jones visits us 2 times and we get the chance to attend a clinic in May with John Jones.


Maybe I have the chance to emigrate to Atlanta, Georgia. Therefor I have to leave my sheep's in Germany. I will take my 2 Border Collies with me and now I am looking for a possibility to work in my free time with sheep's and my dog. I would help by the work with the sheep's or the normally farm work because I love it.


Sorry for my terrible english, I hope you understand what I mean.


Greetings, Jenny

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Hi Jenny, and welcome! There is a very active stockdog community in Georgia, and you ought to be able to find opportunities to work your dogs fairly easily. Check out the Georgia Stock Dog Association. If you do end up in Georgia, I'm sure there are plenty of folks on this forum who can help you find places to work your dogs as well.



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Thank you all for the warm wellcome!


@juliepoudrier thank you for the link to the stockdog community in Georgia.


@G. Festerling Wasserburg is two and half hour from Nürnberg. I live in a little village in the south of Nürnberg. You live in Houston? My last stay at Houston was 2009 in February. I know someone who lived in Killeen, Texas.


This is my young dog called Hattrick

post-12956-019455300 1326037631_thumb.jpg


and this is the older dog called Luc

post-12956-038430100 1326037815_thumb.jpg

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Thank you! I don´t think that you steal Hattrick :) He only need a woking test and the he is a registred stud dog in the ISDS. I am searching match bitch for Hattrick and out of this I would take a puppy for myselfe.

Alun wont to take him to UK every time if he see him since Hattrick was 6 month old, but I don´t let him go. :P

This dog is my once in a lifetime dog, he has everything I wont.

post-12956-015785300 1326045348_thumb.jpg

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Welcome! We have had just a few members from Germany before. Your English is quite good and very understandable.


Glad to have you here!


PS - My husband had been stationed at Ft Hood. We didn't live in Killeen but rather in Copperas Cove (which was, then, quite a small town west of the military base).

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Thank you Sue! I know Copperas Cove and I love the landscape of Texas. I made a Trip from Dallas to the border to Mexico. I see Forth Worth, Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio and the River walk, Houston (a big Rodeo), Galveston, the Gulf of Mexico some Farms and many more. It was my first trip to the USA for holiday only. Before I was in the States only for congresses and meetings.


@ Journey, at the ISDS Hattrick is registered as black, white & tan, smooth coated. I don´t know so much about the colours of the Border Collies :unsure:


Hattricks Mother

post-12956-027604900 1326051609_thumb.jpg


One of Hattricks Sisters

post-12956-059682800 1326051632_thumb.jpg

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Hattrick looks like he's all about the sheep in that last pic of him, Luc. Glad you posted, and welcome to the Boards.




PS - Does the fact that I'm native Texan and graduated from UT Austin give me any edge in the "Who Might Hattrick Be Going To Live With?" contest? Darn. I thought not. But if you change your mind . . .

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@ Ruth


Hattrick has a good sheep sense. If you give him some sheep's and he is happy. He needs only clear commands or some thinks like a trailer or a pen on the field and he knows what he has to do. He put my sheep's alone in the trailer, without any commands.

I am Alun Jones so profoundly grateful that he helped us to take together the right way. We are a good team with some little "problems" but we worked together every day as a team. The only thing which this dog need at the moment are big fields, but I haven´t so big fields. I got the possibility to train 2 or 3 times the month by a friend with big fields. Since we can train on these fields Hattrick outruns become more room and he runs it till the end (behind the sheeps.


I don´t think, that I can give this dog someone, but if it works that we go to Atlanta, I hope I can see some of you. Then you can see Hattrick in real and maybe I can find a match bitch for him, then you can maybe get a puppy of him. Hattrick looks like his mother, maybe one puppy of him looks like Hattrick.

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Yup. Calling this hot and sticky place home at the moment. I live on the outskirts and am loving the folks around here.

So you got to experience the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. About to fire up again for the year. Including the sheep dog trial! ;)

If you ever come back this way, don't hesitate to drop by. Love company and especially dog and horse related company.

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@ G. Festerling: In 2009 I visited the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and I was fascinated about it. I never seen such a big event. If I am someday in Texas, I'll get back to you.


@ sluj: It´s possible that ChristineR has posted a picture of Hattrick. I know Christine an we see us sometimes on clinics in Bavaria. She made awesome pictures of the dogs and had one border collie with a beard. A lovely dog and a very good working dog.


@ Serena+Eluane B.C.: Thank you!

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@ juliepoudrier: I love Lone, too.


@ Smalahundur: Danke. Ja das liebe Farbthema ;-) Aber ich muss schon sagen, die schwarz-weißen sind irgendwie von der Art her schon anders als die dreifarbigen. Ich kenn einige s/w und die sind irgendwie schon sehr besonders in der Art. Luc z.B. ist sehr stur, penetrant, laut und machmal auch aufdringlich, das hat mein dreifarbiger nicht, der will einfach nur gefallen. Aber gerade durch die Art von Luc kann er sich schnell in die Herzen der Menschen einschleichen :-)


@ Journey: If it´s possible to get Lone I think there are many people which would be take this dog. But Christine is watching out to good onto Lone. I hope I can see Christine and Lone this year.


@ The Good Shepherd: Danke und Grüße aus dem verregneten Zwergenland Deutschland ;-)


@ G.Festerling: I think that´s a long List ;-) Oh sat´s great but I think Lone know´s english commands.

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