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So, we're back from the vet. The doctor recommended removing the lump and sending it out for biopsy, which is exactly what I wanted to do, anyway. She said it could be a harmless histiocytoma or a mast cell tumor. :( The last time she saw something like it, it was a histiocytoma, but there's no way of knowing yet with Alex. Anyway, he's going in Thursday for the surgery. Thank you so much for all the good thoughts and prayers, and if you could keep 'em going, that would be awesome.

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How long will it take to get the results?


Well, that WOULD have been a great question for me to ask! I'll have my husband ask on Thursday. I'm thinking not until the beginning of the week.


Cindy, yeah, I guess I'd call it more on top of the skin? And yes, it's round. We didn't do the needle aspiration, the vet felt it was best to take it off and send it out, that it would tell us more.


Thanks again for all the well wishes, everyone!

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