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  1. You are very welcome. If I can be of any help, feel free to pm me or email me. If it turns out it is biliary sludge, they will only prescribe a 'bandaid' in the form of synthetic bile (ursidiol) It's expensive and your dog will have to be on it for life. If indeed it is b sludge (which I have a pretty strong suspicion it is) I can share with you what I treated with, and it resolved it completely. Good luck with your puppers <3
  2. "Wouldn't an infection of any internal organ show up in a CBC" No, not necessarily. My dog had the bacterial infection, Bartonella (pretty sure it caused the biliary sludge) and her blood work was pristine. There are a number of bugs out there that are what we call 'stealth pathogens'. What that means is these pathogens, be they bacterial, viral, fungal, basically go to an organ, or it can be tissue as well, but they set up shop, and shelter in either mucous or they encyst, and become encapsulated, the pathogen is then hidden from the immune system, also makes it difficult for ABX to g
  3. Did he/she get an ultrasound? Billiary sludge will/can present as pancreatitis. It's basically an infection of the gallbladder. It's quite common in older dogs, I actually had it in a 3 yr old dog. They will prescribe synthetic bile, and eventual gallbladder surgery/removal. I opted for my own protocol and it was resolved in 3 months. I'd be happy to share my protocol with you if you like.
  4. Have your dog tested for Bartonella. Have the blood sent to https://cvm.ncsu.edu/research/labs/clinical-sciences/vector-borne-disease/. PM me or email me at boopster100@msn.com I'll give you my thoughts, for what it's worth :-)
  5. My husband was an AF pilot, one day he was flying formation, when he got super disoriented, luckily he was in a 2 seat aircraft, and the other pilot landed the jet...he was taken off flying status for a year, while they tried to figure out what was going on with him. He suffered from nystagmus as well...he spent a lot of time at the aerospace hospital, where they did all sorts of tests on him, to include inducing nystagmus...they pour warm then cold water in your ear :-O. They never did find out what was going on, but it resolved itself, and he was able to fly again.
  6. Yes, thanks, I saw that, the PTPRQ. It looks like the dobermans are born with the vestibular issues, and then they go deaf, that's why my vet suggested I get his hearing tested (I initially thought Hogan had a hearing problem, but I now attribute that to the vision issue) Pretty sure his hearing is ok. After thinking about this all night, I don't think congenital vestibular disease is the right diagnoses, at least I don't believe it to be the inheritable form (I'm assuming there is an idiopathic form?) If he had/has the inheritable form, then that would mean that both his sire and dam wou
  7. If you go back to the MDR1 thread, you will see that I posted about my pup that was suffering from nystagmus and what I thought to be some loss of vision. While I couldn't say nor did I know, if it could have something to do with the MDR1 issue, it concerned me, and I came here, hoping to get some answers. Well fast forward to today. after doing blood work, thyroid panels, and checking inner ears,(which all came back normal) I decided to take my 14 month old dog, Hogan, to an ophthalmologist. He did all the standard tests, ocular pressure, tear production etc...all tests were within norma
  8. "Welcome to our sport, Mr. Drake. My strongest recommendation is to ignore the haters..." Totally off base with that remark. Nobody hates Steve and nobody hates TG. Steve is a very nice man, and 'on the right sheep' TG is a very nice dog. Although a novice handler, Steve actually handles TG quite well, the problem arises when the sheep are heavy, he can't lift or move the sheep...TG has a son running in TX right now, that
  9. I give up. Thank you for your time. I said from the start I didn't intend to make a crusade out of this. I've said my piece, voiced my concerns, that's all I can do. I will however make my thoughts known within my own little sphere of influence, best I can do.
  10. If you followed the thread, it was clear that Mark was referring to the the dog I was referencing, TG was the dog in question pretty much throughout the entire thread, and TG is an international champion, by way of winning the European nursery championship. As you said, I'm not being snarky, but do you know what dog we are talking about here? I fully admit to you that before all this came up, I thought all this DNA testing had gone way overboard, I have BC friends who are rabid about testing, they know every test, what they mean, all the tech. lingo LOL I knew CEA a
  11. Eileen Stein, this is what concerns me...the attitude, "omg!! he's an national.international champion!!! he may have a genetic mutation, but he's an international champion!! and to be quite honest, I don't know Mark Billadeau, but I find him to be very condescending... "You are making quite a good case that these pups are unlikely to be bred and pass on whatever genes they might have. In fact, I
  12. I must say, I find it very concerning that the powers that be are more concerned about a high profile dog being taken out of the gene pool, then with trying to control if not eradicate a fairly serious genetic defect, a defect that I don't think we even know what all it could impact. You all are concerned about the gene pool, you don't want to diminish that gene pool of working dogs, fair enough. Let's look at the
  13. No, I have not had him tested yet, planning on doing it asap. Before this episode with the nystagmus, I had not intended to test him, didn't see a reason to, as I had no intention of breeding him. This all just happened this past Thurs. so when the nystagmus occurred, (keep in mind, there has been something going on with his eyes since he was a pup) then I got to thinking about the pup that died, then talking to the person who knew of 2 littermates to her pup that " have undiagnosed issues, extremely poor doers/liver issues ". I don't consider myself a Henny Penny, but this all has def. g
  14. He was on no drugs that I know of, he had recently been dosed with strongid, not sure if that would cause anything...but now that I think about it, I'll have to look at timing, but there might be something to that (although it would seem unlikely) maybe not? From the research I've been reading, organs can be impacted by various drugs, substances, to include vaccines, (and I would think that puppies would be even more vulnerable )correct? I've seen several instances where the liver was impacted/compromised in MDR1 dogs, what I'm asking is, is it possible that, say, a thyroid could be injure
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