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Welcome Home Cricket!

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We brought Cricket (formerly known as Riot) home two weeks ago. I finally got my camera to work today.....


In case you don't remember me, I was the one debating on whether to get a male or female dog. Eventually it didn't really matter and I took him home twenty minutes after meeting him.

He's a great dog. Almost never barks and loves people, even strangers. He bonded with me after the first day and now follows me everywhere. I call him my little duckling. He's not big on toys, won't retrieve anything unless maybe I was able to throw a squirrel or rabbit. If he could herd squirrels I bet he'd be the happiest dog ever.


We got him at a shelter in Illinois where they estimate that he's about 1-2 yrs. They found him as a stray running around someone's farm. My guess is that he either ran away from someone or they released him to the wild when they couldn't take care of him anymore . Poor baby. post-12404-061466000 1316746621_thumb.jpg

post-12404-035609200 1316746656_thumb.jpg

post-12404-068841300 1316746705_thumb.jpg

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congrats on your new best friend. may you have a long and happy partnership. he looks like a very handsome and happy fellow. nothing rocks like a rescue dog!

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