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  1. The pug might have bit Lady first, but I believe that was because the Pug was trying to get Lady to stop. This was mainly the people's fault because they didn't see the issue as a problem until it got too out of control. For the record, Lady is a VERY nippy dog. It's always play bites except for the really bad one. I think the pug was getting sick of being harassed, chased around and nipped because it has been happening for a while and nobody else saw it as a problem until now. I strongly agree that we need to have a meeting and I will get that done soon. If it were my dog, she would
  2. I live in a cooperative house with 25 other people and 4 dogs. One of my housemates just adopted a new dog a few weeks ago, and so far she has been pretty good. She's young, only about a year and a half, and very hyper. I would guess that she's a lab-pitbull mix. Most of the day she stays in her crate while her owner is at work and she comes out briefly to go on walks and be let outside. The other three dogs are allowed to run around the house and when the new dog "Lady" gets out of her crate to play, trouble occurs. Two days ago we had a huge incident that makes me not want to live wit
  3. Thanks everyone! Cricket is doing much better today. I diluted some chicken broth in a large bowl for him and he drank the whole thing. I've never seen him pee so much. The diarrhea is better as well but I have been slowly getting him back on his dogfood after yesterday by mixing it with rice. He's been lapping up his water dish without me making a fuss. If this keeps up I won't need to call the vet.
  4. This has been an ongoing problem for a few weeks but has gotten especially bad lately since the temp has been in the 90s. We don't have air conditioning so Cricket mainly stays cool by playing in the hose and sitting in front of the fan. Lately he has been really stubborn about not drinking water. I've never had a dog refuse to drink before. I've tried changing the dish between a plastic and glass one, washing the dish several times, moving it to different areas in the house as well as giving him ice or even spoon feeding him the water. There has been little luck getting him to consume mo
  5. The weather here has finally gotten nice enough for me to open up my back porch. The only problem with that is our porch is covered floor to ceiling with peeling lead paint. I've told my landlord several times that this needs to be taken care of, but they won't budge on it. Cricket LOVES the porch and it's his first time using it since I've only had him since September. I figured the lead paint wouldn't be a problem as long as he lays on the rugs I put out and doesn't lick the ground. Everything was going fine until I noticed today that he had chips of the paint in his coat!
  6. "...then Blue Maid gets a nasty glint in her eye and her slaves hasten to obey." Sure sounds like a BC to me! Thanks so much for the lovely videos! It's always nice to learn about BC history
  7. Good boy, Kelso! He has blossomed so well under your care, it is just amazing! I'm sure you'll find him the forever home that will love and cherish him as much as you have. And please post some pictures of that little kitten with him! I can't imagine how adorable that must be!
  8. http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime_and_courts/woman-whose-dog-was-killed-by-trap-won-t-file/article_e1b1e9b4-0a72-11e1-8ea4-001cc4c002e0.html I met the woman who had this happen to her dog. I felt awful and I thought I'd share her story with you guys. Hopefully we can try to warn other dog owners about the risks of trapping.
  9. Such a sad story. At least you know that you've done all you can for Boots, no matter what you choose to do. At least for that small amount of time that she lived with you she had some love in her life. Just a quick question, what are the bite levels? I'm guessing that a level 4 or 5 would have to break the skin and therefore the dog would be considered dangerous, right?
  10. Looks like he's going to be a rough coat! Love those pink toes!
  11. Good girl Kit! Such good news! I even cried a bit.
  12. Sorry, dumb question... What is a BAER test? Is it a DNA test or do they actually test the dog's hearing?
  13. We brought Cricket (formerly known as Riot) home two weeks ago. I finally got my camera to work today..... In case you don't remember me, I was the one debating on whether to get a male or female dog. Eventually it didn't really matter and I took him home twenty minutes after meeting him. He's a great dog. Almost never barks and loves people, even strangers. He bonded with me after the first day and now follows me everywhere. I call him my little duckling. He's not big on toys, won't retrieve anything unless maybe I was able to throw a squirrel or rabbit. If he could herd squirr
  14. Different one. This is Riot. Not sure If I'll keep the name. Is he a cutie pie or no?
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