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Puppy Growth Rate

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At 8 weeks old he weighed 9.5 bs. I took him to the Vet when he was 11 weeks old for his 2nd round of puppy shots and he weighed 18 lbs. I took him to the vet when he was 14 weeks old to check his weight and he weighed 22.5 lbs. He pretty big compared to his litter mates. He's almost as tall as our other border collie.


What are your opinions on his growth rate? Any idea how big he is going to be full grown? His mother weighs 40 and his father weighs 45.


Thanks :]




This is a picture of him and our other border collie :] this picture was taken yesterday




This is him at 9 weeks

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Beag had weighed 23lbs at 16 weeks and she ended up being a chunky 45lbs.


Mick was 29lbs at five months and he currently weighs 39lbs. He went up to 46lbs about a year ago, but he was chunked out then. At 39lbs, he's pretty lanky, but muscular with no extra fat.

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Dexter was 8.5lbs at 8 weeks and then he was 13lbs at 11 weeks, and about 20 lbs at 15 weeks. He is now 13 months old and he is a tall dog (22"+ at the shoulder) but not particularly heavy, although I don't know what he weighs exactly. He's not difficult to pick up.


They say the general rule of thumb is that their weight at 4 months can be doubled to get their final adult weight. This was true for Piper, who was 14 lbs at 4 months is now just under 30lbs. Dex still isn't full grown, but I think he will be around 45-50lbs when he is. Maybe your pup just had a rapid spurt and is settling in now. Hard to say.



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Bunny was a poor-doer at first, so bringing her home at 2 months old she was 4 lbs.


2 months: 4 lbs

4 months: 9 lbs (when she was sickest with Mange)

6 months: 25 lbs

10 months: 35 lbs (current)


My previous BC was about 30 lbs at 6 months and topped out around 55-60 when she was in shape. She came from a reputable breeder for work Borders, but she was just terribly large.


I suspect Bunny will top out around 45.

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Just looking through Seamus's records, here's what I found


6 Weeks: 7 pounds

8 Weeks: 11 pounds

12 Weeks: 17 pounds

16 Weeks: a whopping 29 pounds (To be fair, this was directly after he got back from spending 10 days in boarding, where they seriously overfed him - he was incredibly round when I picked him up).

20 Weeks: a nicely proportioned 28 pounds.


I haven't weighed him since then, but I would venture to guess that he's currently somewhere in the 40-45 pound range at 11 months, but still skinny as a rail. He's insanely tall.

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I obsessed over this with Secret. I can tell you now, it is pointless. They will end up wherever Mother Nature wants them to end up. My "ideal" female BC would have been between 19" & 20" and in the 30-35 lb range. So every month I would measure Secret and stop into the vet to get her weight. There was a point around 10/11 months where everything held steady (21" and 42.5 lbs) and I did a happy dance, thinking she was done growing. Uh, nope. She's now closer to 23" and probably up around 45 lbs now. Not much I can do, I still love her! Once she went and measured herself into the tallest height class in every agility organization, I told her just to keep going to make things easier on herself. lol Jumping 26" is no problem for her with as tall as she is -- She's got almost 2" on other dogs that measure into that class. :P

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Dexter will be 3 years old in August. He is also about 23" and still weighs 42lbs - he has not put on any weight in well over a year. My vet says he is "all ears and sinew." If he turns sideways, he disappears (except for his ears). He weighs just a little less than Tweed, who is a mere 20", but is built like a brick sh*thouse and/or tank.



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I'd actually love to see this thread continued, it's really interesting to get an idea of where dogs are weight-wise at their different ages. I keep referring back to it when I want to get a vague idea of how big Aed will be at which age. So far I can only contribute:


7.5 weeks: 9.2 lbs

8 weeks: ~9.5 lbs

9 weeks: ~10 lbs

10 weeks: 11.8 lbs

11 weeks: ~13 lbs

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I'm also curious about what size Rook will be when he grows up and it's fun to see how other dogs grow and try to extrapolate ;) It looks like he started off quite a bit smaller than your pup Chene but has grown quicker. He is not pudgy at all though. He has grown some legs and is definitely lean. I'm guessing he will be about 15-16 lbs at 16 weeks which should mean he'll be 32 ish as an adult. It will be interesting to see how he actually turns out. It will be fun to compare them both at a year.



7.5 weeks - 5 lb 5 oz

9 1/2 weeks- 8 lb 10 oz

13 weeks -- 12 lb 6 oz

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