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  1. I've got papers on Mick, but I never actually transferred them into my name. According to the ABCA, he still belongs to the idiot who dumped him off for running around too much.
  2. ...that putting on the charm for the lady behind us in Petsmart is cute, but spitting back the treat, then acting like you've been poisoned is just sort of embarassing.
  3. ...that mom is allowed to go outside and smoke without bringing dogs along.
  4. I keep mine in different parts of the house when I'm not home. Not that either will destroy anything, but just in case a fight breaks out. They get along, but better safe than sorry, in my opinion. I know that Mick definitely sleeps all day when I'm not around, because he'll usually greet me with a bunch of stretching and yawning looking half-asleep (just about the only time he looks half-asleep). Sinead probably sleeps all day, too, because she's lazy in the house. Mick will, on very rare occasions, destroy a very low-value item (random bag of potting soil, bag of dried beans, etc)
  5. I think it's mostly because they sell Iams/Science Diet, and he's ALL about the money. He also seems to actively dislike most animals. The only reason I even give the practice business is because I really like one of the vets there. A few years ago, he had me put IBS cat (the one in the photo) on prescription science diet. His digestion issues got better, but he started packing on weight like crazy. Looked at the ingredients and it was all garbage. I switched him over to Evo, and he lost the extra weight, continued to be mostly symptom-free, and even EVO was cheaper to feed than the p
  6. Reminds me of my former neighbor. She asked what kind of dog Mick was, and I said Border Collie. She snottily replied, "he doesn't look like any Border Collie I'VE ever seen." I told her that he was working bred, not an AKC Border Collie. BTW, she breeds and shows Shiba Inus. Her dogs go to Westminster. I'm sure she's only been around the fluffy sort.
  7. Yeah, the guy had apparently tried to use a knife, failed, and cracked out the chainsaw. Personally, I think dogs should be euthed by a vet under most circumstances. I got pissy with the one poster on that thread, who said just to dump the dog at the pound and let them do it. Also, it didn't seem the kid it bit needed any medical attention, which makes me wonder if they dog was just playing too rough or something. I mean, I've been bitten by both of mine by accident. Mick put a pretty bad hole by my thumb and Sinead gave me a REALLY nasty bruise on my forearm. Both were 100% by accide
  8. I'd fed Kirkland and I liked it. If I talk to one vet where I go to, I'm feeding a horrible food and should feed Iams/Science Diet. If I talk to the other, she says it's good, not quite up there with the grain-free or raw diets, but good. I'll go with her opinion.
  9. Mick was free during the day by 8 months. Beag (the BC the ex won) was ALWAYS crated in the day. Overall, she was an easier dog than Mick, but she couldn't be trusted alone. Mick ran around, and I don't think she was feeling left out or jealous of him. If the dog is still destroying stuff, crate it. I wouldn't trust an x-pen to keep a dog in. I've seen Mick clear 5' fences. I think he'd laugh at an x-pen.
  10. Mick doesn't go off-leash anywhere not fenced, because his recall basically sucks. And Sinead can be called off. But I don't take them into the woods during hunting season, because of idiots who shoot at anything that moves. Oddly enough, since moving here, I have not seen a single deer on this property. When I lived in the suburbs, they were EVERYWHERE! I saw more bear in the suburbs, too.
  11. Yeah, I saw that on the other board, too. My take on it, is that killing cattle that way is more humane than killing a dog with a chain saw. The dog had allegedly bitten a kid. I could understand if he shot the dog, but to me, the chainsaw was pretty pathologically twisted. I have no problem seeing him removed from society for awhile. Normal people do not take a chainsaw to a dog, regardless of what the dog did.
  12. Personally, as somebody who has heard all sorts of guesstimates from strangers on Mick's breed, I'll say he's a Border Collie. Which will invariably, lead to "Is he a mix?" or "But he doesn't look like one." Then, I'll tell them he's a working bred Border Collie, and that he was bred to work, not to look big and fluffy like a show-bred one.
  13. Honestly, the bait dog thing is largely an urban legend. As for the "nice dog" thing, lots of pit bulls ARE nice dogs...even most of the fighting pit bulls are nice dogs. They might not be good with other dogs, but most will let a person do anything to them. One reason (aside from attracting idiots) that they are so often abused.
  14. Beag was pretty high-pitched and yappy at two. Mick sounded like a Rottweiler at 5 months (which was hilarious coming out of a 29lb puppy). I think it just depends on the dog.
  15. I pulled a deer tick off me a few years ago, that had been on me for a bit. I called my doctor, and he told me I didn't need antibiotics unless I started to show any symptoms of lyme. I was fine. And, he usually prescribes drugs at the drop of a hat. I wouldn't take the antibiotics, personally. In fact, the last time I took them was 7 years ago when I was in the hospital with a staph infection. Prior to that, I had last taken them at the age of 7. I only know that because everybody was SHOCKED to see that in my medical records.
  16. My dogs get frontline put on them. They've had occasional ticks. Neither has ever been tested for Lyme or vaccinated for Lyme.
  17. It is sad, but true. I think Sinead was the main catalyst into me thinking that way. I mean, she was almost PTS for a combination of having her time being up and having kennel cough. She is what I consider an issueless dog. She does not like small dogs, but I expect some form of dog aggression in pit bulls. It's part of the breed. Other than the KC, she was in good health, young (3 years), housebroken, knew basic obedience, good with kids and cats, etc. I'd rather see time being put into dogs like that, than long shot dogs. She's been an awesome breed ambassador. Multiple "I hate pit
  18. Well, I went through the whole thread and I've got to agree with Julie. I'd definitely think about euthanizing the dog. I certainly do not hold dog aggression against a dog. Both of mine have it to some extent, but I will not tolerate a dog that's willing to redirect on me. Mick tried snapping at me once, and he had a "come to Jesus moment" and it never happened again. But, in his case, it wasn't fearful, it was a "don't boss me around" type thing...and it was directed at my hand, not face. Now both of my dogs have accidentally bitten me pretty hard during play, and both IMMEDIATELY f
  19. I think it also depends on the individual dog. Mick is ALL about frisbees (and sheep, but he hasn't done that in forever). He's not really into playing with other dogs much. He'll play with Sinead sometimes, but they mostly coexist. He's really quite a serious dog much of the time. Sinead loves playing with other dogs. She'll go crazy playing with my mother's dogs. She's not much for small dogs (okay, she wants to eat them), but she will put up with an amazing amount from puppies/kittens...although, she was definitely a breeding dog before I got her. Mick is also pretty tolerant
  20. I've used and liked Fromm's in the past. I haven't seen it anywhere around here in a long time.
  21. Yep, Mick is three, and was neutered at about 16 months. He did successfully tie with Sinead once when she was in heat. He is VERY much aware of bitches in heat.
  22. Mine don't really play with each other much. Sometimes, they'll get into some hardcore wrestling, but it's generally short-lived. They like playing with toys, if it's something easily destroyed. If not, they're not too interested. Balls/frisbees are banned from the house. Sinead likes to tug and hang from things.
  23. Good for the rednecks. I know this makes me a bad liberal, but I've never seen the harm in some Jersey-style justice, when needed.
  24. I went hiking out at the Delaware Water Gap today with a friend. She brought her dog along. My guys stayed at home. She was told that her dog is a pit bull/lab mix, but honestly I see absolutely nothing pit bull about the dog, aside from the fact that he's a brindle. Personally, I think he's a lab/plott hound mix. She said he's been in a few fights with other dogs, so she gets scared when she has to pass another dog. He doesn't have leash skills, but is extremely friendly with people. Anyway, it was a terrible mess every time he saw a dog, lunging, dragging her. She told me he's bee
  25. I was going to make a comment about Philly sports team fans, but I shall refrain. LOL
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