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  1. My first Border Collie had EPI! When we got him, he didn't seem right. He was scrawny, underweight and "different"! But I knew I couldn't leave him at his "breeders"! The day after getting him I took him to the vet, the vet agreed he was underweight and suggested that we increase his food. We started feeding him 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night and he was still skin and bones. We would take him to the vet regularly for weigh ins and nothing! We increased his food to 6 cups a day.. For a tiny little 6 month old puppy it was a lot. He ate it all though! The vet then suggested hamburger, rice and eggs.. Did that and nothing! We also tried every dog food you could think of. Nothing helped put weight on him. We did a complete blood panel and they said everything was normal. He just had a fast metabolism.. 6 months later Bailey got really sick. I took him back to the vet and they said he had an enlarged prostate! They also did a complete blood sample and that showed NOTHING!! Well at this point I was fed up! So my mom suggested that we go to her vet. We took him there a day later, the vet looked him over.. Prostate was fine. We had our old vet fax over the blood work that they had done and it wasn't normal. His pancreatic enzyme levels weren't normal either times they checked.. The new vet did a blood sample of his own and it showed the same thing.. It also showed that he was anemic. So we started Bailey on Pancreatic Enzyme medicine and vitamins.. About 2 weeks later we took Bailey bad to the vet, he gained about 5 pounds. Now for a dog who was eating like a horse before i was amazed.. His blood work looked more normal that it had before. The only downfall was he would have the hiccups. The vet said he never grew properly because he was always so sick, so now that his body was feeling better it was all confused.. So he continue on the medicine and he was looking good and healthy. 5 months later he started to have seizures.. Back to the vet, more blood work and more medicine.. Bailey started to act different. He would act scared, he would hide in our cabinets and didn't act like his usual self. A month before we decide to set him free his eyesight and hearing started to go. He would bump into things that had been there since he was a puppy! I couldn't watch him live like that anymore. We checked his blood again before he passed away and it showed that his liver and kidney's weren't functioning they way that they should have. On July 29, 2010 Bailey went to rainbow bridge at 20 months old ! Now from what my vet tells me it was genetics. But a part of me blames the medicine. He couldn't handle the amount of phenobarbital he was on. We had to keep lowering it frequently, to the point that he was barely getting any! I think if he didn't have all of these other issues, we would have been able to handle the Pancreatic Enzyme disorder.. I hope your able to get it under control and your boy is able to live a happy, healthy life that he deserves.
  2. Thanks Glenn I plan on attending as man sheepdog trials as I can.. So hopefully i will find the pup of my dreams:)
  3. Sorry Guys ! I should have seen the red flags.. But the puppies are just so darn cute.. Not to mention i've been stressed out.. I just wanted to see what you all thought.. I know now to stay away..
  4. Thanks Geonni Banner. I'll make sure to stay away from them..
  5. I'm located in Central New York.. I'm just look all over. I don't mind the drive.
  6. I've recently become interested in getting another BC. I've started my search on the internet for local breeders near where i live. I came across a breeder in MI. called Spur Bar Ranch. I was wondering if you guys knew anything about them?? I've just started my search, not looking for a new addition for a year or so..
  7. My 6 month old has been having some difficulty getting up after laying on the floor for sometime. As I've posted in a previous topic that he's a big boy. He's currently 21" tall and 40 lbs. He has no problem after he's up. He runs around and acts like any other Border Collie puppy. He's very energetic and happy. I've looked up H.D, E.D, OCD & Pano and he doesn't have the symptoms of any of those. I've also looked up a couple other bone & joint disease and nothing. I contacted my vet about an HR ago, I'm currently waiting for them to call me back. I was just wondering if anyone has had this happen. I'm also starting to wonder if its from exercising to much??? This also doesn't happen a lot. Maybe once or twice a week. I called his breeder and he said EXERCISE MORE..
  8. I guess i'll answer my own question and say that he is. His legs look a lot like this girl "Star"! BC Museum
  9. Would my boy be considered a Brindle Pointed Tri Color? Sorry the picture isn't the greatest it was taken with my cellphone. this is his leg
  10. I was curious myself after reading this, so i decided to do some research and i found a person on facebook selling "Mini Border Collies" Mini Border Collie Puppies
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