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New Week, New Dog

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We have another new dog in our home. Her name is Annie and she is 13 years old. I love the seniors.


Early in July, my rescue BCRO (Border Collie Rescue Ontario) contacted me and asked if I'd consider giving a forever home to an old girl whose circumstances had changed. She had been with her person for about 10 years but he married and started a family. This dog clearly wasn't adjusting to life with small children, thru no fault of her own or theirs. My blind Tex has been showing signs of confusion over the last year and I thought maybe another quiet dog in the house would help steady him. The younger dogs, Loki and Skip, spent all their waking hours outside on patrol. Unfortunately, Skip passed away suddenly and I needed to delay Annies arrival for a while..


Annie is very well bred and has done some sheep work with a well known handler. She does have some aggression issues with other dogs. She is also a fear biter and hates having a leash attached. They owner was very specific about her challenges which was very helpful. Nothing that I havent seen before and not overwhelming, she just needs a bit of management. She tried to bite me once and her reward was to wear her short leash forevermore so we wont have to discuss it again. Tex is listening for her in the house and seems a bit more content.


It has only been a week but she seems very happy. She has adjusted very well to the other dogs. For a dog of 13, she has a great deal of energy and mobility. We have to limit her or she'd make us play frisbee for longer than an old dog should. She's on Rymidal for arthritis and has a healthy appetite. I expected an old dog whose wheelchair I'd be pushing down the driveway but instead I have a healthy older gal who should have a few good years left to enjoy.


This is Annie:




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There are a lot of threads I don't even open, but I ALWAYS open threads started by Jo&Tex, because I know I'll be glad I did.


And I am. Great news, Jo. Thanks for cheering us all up :rolleyes:

Me, too!

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Thanks everyone. Annie is downright hyper for an old dog. Bounce, bounce, zoom, zoom - she's so funny in a wobbly, geezerly kind of way.


I have to thank my partner for making Annie and Maggie adoptions possible. He loves dogs and especially border collies. It is so nice to have such great support to make a caring home for these good dogs. Doesn't hurt that he's a sheep farmer too!

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