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O/T Need prayers for Muttley Cheyenne!

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As some of you know, last month Cheyenne had a bit of trouble after being plowed by Jackson. She was in heat at the time. The vet said we would give her a month to recuperate then spay her. Well, last week she was having diarhea and she has these pantaloons on her back end and the poop was getting it all matted up. She also seemed bloated. I cut all the hair off and cleaned her up. Then Fri she started bleeding some. By Sat. the blood was "old" looking and stunk to high heaven. I started her on anitbiotics and because of Easter her vet wasn't seeing any emerg. and I didn't want to take her to the ER vet unless absolutely necessary. We took her in today and he is going to go ahead with the spay tomorrow(we left her there). He doesn't know if she some how got preg. and is miscarring, he doubts, or if she has a uterine infection, most likely. Or it could be a manifistation of the mammery cancer she had last year.


She is 9yrs. old and I have had her since she was 10days old. I will be so glad when tomorrow is over. I hope. Thank y'all in advance.

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Thank y'all for your kind words and good thoughts and prayers.

My step daughter brought her to me at 10pm one night. She was only 10days old. I fixed her a emerg. formula and fed her. She threw up chunks of ham! Somebody before I got her was forcing this down her! They are all drugies so no telling what the circumstances were the first 10days. She threw up more ham the next morning. I got her to the vet and got some proper puppy formula. I fed her every two hrs. I wiped her hind end so she could relieve herself. I had just lost my beloved GSD/rough collie Bandit and had no desire for another dog. I kept saying, as soon as she is weaned and 6wks old she is getting a new home. Ha! You couldn't pry her from me! I wasn't driving at the time so I spent all my time with her. She went on the truck with me when she was 3 months old. She went everywhere on the truck with me. When there was snow or ice or wind she would sit by my seat to let me know it would be ok and she had faith in my driving. Well, that's what I was imaging she was saying. She's been to every state except RI. She even went to Canada. She guarded me and the truck when we had to park overnight at less than desirable places. When I yelled at stupid 4 wheelers she would jump up in "her" seat and bark out insults with me. She kept me warm when it was cold. She kept me safe when it was dangerous. She was patient when I had to be out of the truck for unloading or loading. She was just always there when I needed her. And now I have let her down because I wouldn't take time off the truck to spay her. It was always the next time I was home. And now, she has to suffer. Yes, hind sight is 20/20 and that is what hurts so much. She always trusted me completely. And I let her down. So all I can do is hope its just an infection and the surgery will take care of it.


I want y'all to know how much it means to have y'all here for me. I always said this is a great bunch of folks. You have proved me right.


I will let you know how it turns out.

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Linda you can't beat yourself up over not taking her to be spayed sooner hun. From the sound of it, she has had a far more happier life w/ you than she would have if she didn't have you. Sounds like she wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you. Keep your chin up and keep faith that all these prayers going out for her will keep her healthy.

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Linda...There is not 1 of us on these boards who has not said, "if only"! at some point in our lives, and may say that concerning the well being of someone we love with all our heart and soul. Whether it be a human type or our precious critters. The old saying "tis human to err, but devine to forgive"!!! hmmmmm, well we sure do know where the "divine" ones are...

When you know better, you do better. "Our", Devine Miss, sweet Cheyenne, knows who loves her, and who has taken care of her and who is her best friend...her trust is well placed, to be sure.

Sending bigggggg ((((( hugs))))) ,luvin and get well soon wishes to Cheyenne.

PS.. I say "our" Cheyenne, because to all of usins here on these boards... they are ALL a precious and important part of our lives and our Cyber-space, family.

Take care, and don't beat yourself up, Cheyenne will know if you are too upset, and will pick up on it... so based on that alone, it is important to stay positive and upbeat(as hard as it may be), it will help her heal faster.

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