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  1. Hey Donna!! I'm not too much help w/ names either right now but I just wanted to say its good to see you again. Hope things are going well for you and congratulations on getting a new pup. Try not to be so much of a stranger now.
  2. Forgive me if this sounds like a really stupid question to you (I've never had to deal w/ living in a apt. complex where barking could be a problem). Is it because of you that the barking must stop now or because of your neighbors and apt. personnel? The reason I ask... it just seems to me that if its only a bark or two at a time and its on occasion (as in maybe 1 or 2 times a day) then I just fail to see it as a major problem. Dogs are dogs and they will bark at times. I do understand completely if it happens all the time. I guess I have no real advice to give on getting the dog to s
  3. With fearful dogs like I have, doing "tricks" has really come in handy. A new person comes into my home and I have the dogs show all of their tricks and even instigate having the person interact w/ those tricks and VOILA....new person becomes something not so fearful anymore and vice versa for people who generally are afraid of dogs. In fact, one of my son's friends was terrified of bigger dogs until I incorporated their tricks into meeting said friend...now he is no longer scared of bigger dogs and rolls w/ them on the floor just like my kids...all because of my teaching my dogs tricks and
  4. One way to "renew" (if you will) your 30 day free trial is to subscribe w/ a different email addy. Something in particular that I was working on I didn't finish so I registered using a different email, but you have to make sure that you delete the program completely from your computer before reinstalling or it will just come up asking for a key again. If you have no intentions on using Photoshop on a regular basis then this would be an option, otherwise it can be a real pain on deleting and reinstalling and reregistering just for free trials all the time.
  5. If you got to the Adobe website you can download a 30 day free trial.
  6. If you don't have Photoshop and want something free then try Gimp. Its something similar.
  7. I understand your concerns about her becoming scared to let J interact w/ the dog, but quite frankly wouldn't it be better for her to know up front what fears can develop in your dog if and when he gets enough of J poking, grabbing, and pulling on him? I would hate for the worst to happen, and yes even the "best w/ children" dogs can get frustrated to the point of harming. Not to mention that resentment toward her and her kid will probably come eventually at some point because she will not allow you to teach him to correct way to behave around a dog so that both will be safe. I agree w/
  8. I just scoop & throw into the flower beds around my yard. That is when I scoop...most of the time it just gets mowed over and mulched into the grass. Makes for good fertilizer IMO and its free. But my yard grows so fast that I usually have to mow at least twice a week so there really isn't much time for it to accumulate in the yard. What the mower doesn't get the rain usually washes down. Then on the other hand my dogs usually have a "favorite" spot to go so I pretty much know which areas to stay clear of bare foot.
  9. Just another example of my DH's favorite expression: Sometimes its better to let people THINK you're an idiot than to open you're mouth and prove them right!!!
  10. How high is the railing around the patio? One thing that would concern me that hasn't been mentioned would be worrying about her jumping over the railing from a 3rd floor balcony. Or if you put her on a tie out, hanging herself if she does try to jump over.
  11. Pache is terrified of thunderstorms, gunshots (we tend to get lots of that around here w/ people target shooting their rifles), fireworks, nailguns, anything that makes a boom or pop. I can literally count down after a boom how long it will take him to get to the backdoor if he's outside when it happens. I just let him in and ignore all that is going on and let him find his safeplace. I guess I'm lucky in the respect that as long as he is inside it ends up being no big deal for the most part. He may come hide between my legs at times, but as soon as I tell him its o.k. he goes on about his
  12. Jo, Loki sure found a gem when he found you. I find that sometimes its hard enough to communicate what I want to a dog w/ no problems, but you have this special talent and patience to teach two disabled dogs. I envy you in that respect. I'm so glad to hear that his life has improved a thousand fold since you found him. Keep up the great progress between you two.
  13. I have CareCredit myself because of some dental work that my son had to have that wasn't covered by his insurance. I've used it more for the animals than anything else and so far have been very happy w/ it. I think it works if you have a major expense (like several hundred dollars) then you can get it on a same as cash plan over a period of time (not sure but you may have to get approval for the payment plan ahead of time), but I just use it as a credit card because I don't ever put that much on it at one time. Not sure what exactly the interest rates are in cases like mine (I don't ever lo
  14. For the most part people say something like "Are those Border Collies?" I usually have to explain they are BC/Aussie which really stumps me about Navi because he looks and acts alot more like the Aussie side of him than BC. Although I did have one guy stop his truck to ask about them when we were out on a walk one day and he admitted to thinking Pache was a Dalmation because of his ticking until he got close enough to realize he was a BC. There not a whole lot of BC's in my area so everyone always seems so surprised and inquisitive when they find out they are right about their guess
  15. Yep...I got one thats about 55 lbs. that doesn't know he's really tooooo big for my lap too(seriously I need about 2 laps for him to fit), but I digress. I wouldn't have it any other way. There's just something about a big ole fur baby in the lap that is comforting!!!
  16. What if two or more people want the same *Pups*?!?! I know, dumb question. I was also wondering what their criteria for "perfect markings" are because EVERYBODY'S idea of whats perfect is varied. Those ads just make me want to go out and get myself another Border Collie......not!!!!
  17. I like Hemi myself. My second choice would be Ross.
  18. My husband is a big meat and potatoes kind of guy.....well more meat than anything. I had gone to a cookout and left him behind because he had to work late, but I brought him home the most juicy, delightful piece of steak he could ever have imagined. I fixed his plate for him, sat it on the table....he turned around to the counter to grab his drink and in the blink of an eye his steak was GONE!!!! I seen Navi take off around the sofa and I started chasing him. We made a half trip around the sofa when I caught him and the thing was GONE again!!!! (In a matter of about 15 seconds) One
  19. Living in a rural area myself, no one really thinks about their dog disturbing another person on their property....dogs just kind of roam where I am. But I have been in your shoes and let me tell you...it CAN leave major emotional scars. To this day, (and thankfully every day gets better and better) I am still trying to "undo" the emotional scars that my family/neighbor's dog created over two years ago. This boston terrier of my relative would come over w/ back hair raised, full out attack mode and get my dogs started. AFTER we got the fence put up, she still wouldn't let up. She wou
  20. Both of mine have problems w/ machines that have a pull start on them. Power tools (i.e. saws, nail guns, etc.) not so much...they just kinda go away and hide. My dad kept insisting that "they need to learn to behave around stuff like that" (which is true to an extent) but wouldn't hear of it when I objected because of our safety and theirs. Well he decided to try and start a weedeater that refused to start while the dogs were outside and Navi came up from behind barking and eventually bit my dad. Now he doesn't really put up much fuss when I tell him to "give me a minute to put them up
  21. For the first time in about two years I've finally realized that I have accepted Navi & Pache for ALL of their quirks both good & bad and it's finally paying off. I've always wanted them to be outgoing, social dogs even though I've realized for awhile now they have their limits to how far this will actually become a reality. Both of them have been known to be afraid of people, territorial, each one has bitten once, and I've just generally HAD to pay extra careful attention when someone other than our family members and just a handfull of our friends are around. I've always accepted
  22. Don't know about fire ants anywhere else, but down here in MS they do eat them....I've seen fire ants eat on solid food. Some of the solutions that we have used are grits, washing the majority away w/ a water hose (but they usually just move their mound), pour gas on the bed and my mom's fave....spray a can of RAID on the bed. You can never really get rid of them all, or maybe we just have so many here that we've just learned to share property w/ them. If you do get bitten, you can use the usual methods for bee stings to help which is put toothpaste on the sting or put chewing toba
  23. When my two were puppies, we left for all of an hour if that...and I babygated them in the kitchen w/ two kitchen table chairs in front of the gate to make sure they couldn't jump the gate. I came home...no dogs in the kitchen where I left them so I wondered how they got out. No holes in the baby gate and surely they DIDN"T jump the chairs, but there they were in my living room w/ all of my potted plants turned over and dirt ground into the carpet, the corner of my brand new sofa chewed, and the kicker....little doggy footprints tracked all over the place from where one of them pooped and bo
  24. I think I would feel LESS embarrassed over something like that BECAUSE it was the trainer. If it were just your normal everyday person, then I would be reallllllly embarrassed, but I would suspect (and this is just an assumption on my part) that dog trainers deal w/ quite a few nips over their career. And who knows, (not that dogs biting are a good thing) but it presented an opportunity for the trainer to educate the other owners about approaching strange dogs and how to deal w/ something like that. P.S. I hope all this makes some sort of sense because I'm so tired right now I can't eve
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