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Baby Pictures!

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Maybe this is in the wrong spot, but here are some photos I took today of the Peg x Riggs babies, one of which will hopefully be coming home with me around Valentine's Day...


The whole gang:



Look at the cuteness!















"My" boy (I have a good feeling about him):rolleyes:





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Lookit! Little guinea pigs! It's hard to choose, isn't it? Looks like they're all smooth coats?




No, they should all be roughs, since both of the parents are rough coats. I think it's mostly the lighting that makes them look that way. Plus they are only 2 days old.


And yeah, guinea pig was my first thought, too :rolleyes:

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My favorite so far.... and also the one Dianne "picked" for me when they were born... :rolleyes:


Like I told a friend, I just have a *feeling*. Weird, I know, but I usually am right about these things...hmm.




And yes, "Moss" is still my name of choice. Don't you think he looks like a Moss? :-P

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He still looks like a "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" that blaze will close in, so you will have a nice wide blaze- JMO. Look at the ears, they already look like they might be standing up. I just love prick eared dogs. I think you should go with your feelings. They all are well bred. Maybe, ...........do you have a choice? .........to see them when they are playing and how he interacts with you before they are all taken? How many pups are there? Hard to tell with them in a bundle?

So happy for you Ellie. THIS is your trial dog!!! Only best wishes. I don't envy the potty training, but can I come over and smell the puppy breath?

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Wow- 8 in a litter. Is that big time to me ? They all look healthy and strong. Well bred dogs. Only wish the best of luck for Ellie and for Dianne's big time to keeping the puppies healthy. I'm sure she will do right by her dogs, after reading her blog. Sounds like she's been though this before and is quite capable. All my best and happy pup pinging- is that a word? Well, it should be!! Hmmmmmmmmmm.......puppie time?

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Want want WANT! I'm coveting the black-headed pup with the white nose.


I do not need a puppy!


Ditto! I can't resist a mostly black face!! They all look sweet, but that one is definitely my favorite!


Nor do I need a puppy, but someday . . .!!!

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