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  1. 28 inches at the shoulder, 96 pounds. Hehe not a BC but a Rottie
  2. http://www.plumridgetc.com/index.htm I am interested in getting a puppy from her but like everything else I like to hear what other people have heard/delt with her and her dogs etc to make sure I'm getting what I expect.
  3. Root Beer, You seem to know a heck of a lot about CU. I really need some practical things I can teach Colton to help get his focus. I want to teach him only what would work for his specific situation. He has a horribly high chasing instinct. If my younger brother/sister get into a fight he will immediatly rush over to them start barking/jumping/nipping their heels/arms. When they're calm he's fine he just can't take other people or other dogs getting riled up because then he barks/jumps/acts like a maniac. He has an "off" but it only seems to apply to tennis balls. I tell him off on a ball a
  4. I just got my book in the mail today and am curious if someone could break down how to train the "premacks principle"
  5. Lucky me there are a few CPE events within 2 to 3 hour drive and several NADAC events in between 1 hour - 3 hours. I don't think I'll have too much trouble finding good non-AKC trials when I compete with Colton (long time down the road but still) and eventually a border collie.
  6. Alright like most of you guys have suggest I have been talking to the district director of my area (she's very nice!). She has suggested finding a dog that has been trained/partially trained to herd to basically teach me the ropes because I am a novice. I am fine with it but I would like a dog from 18 months - 3 years so not a huge age range. Anyone have any suggestions? Would a dog in that age range know enough to teach me?
  7. My agility instructor with Colton competes USDAA/CPE so we have "connections" to get started in performance that way (performance is definantly awhile down the road).
  8. When I get the chance to get my Border collie I am definantly going with working lines. The biggest agility competition venue in the area is AKC, so it would make sense to register AKC for convenience with competitions. I am not saying I am necessarily going to do this (I'll probably ILP my Rottie rescue and even see if I like AKC) but it may be one of my few options due to where I live. So... how do you feel about people who dual register? Even if it is in a sitution similiar to mine? Any conditions in which you would turn your head the other way?
  9. How could I locate a class? Do you think it would be to much for him to be in agility/obedience and CU?
  10. I just ordered the book, hopefully it'll be the best spent $40 in my life (I got 3 day shipping because I need it before his next agility class)
  11. Don't worry guys I completely have my parents support I would definantly never rush into something. Due to a recent setback with Colton I probably will not be bringing a foster in until a few months later then I had planned. I have an orientation at a shelter this thursday so I'll be starting volunteering there as soon as they'll allow. I most definantly do not want to push *anything*. Not my dog, my parents, or myself. I know people can have things built up in their head and want things so badly they make it more glam then it really is. I just took Colton to a beginner agility class and hi
  12. I know Colton is no Border Collie but this is one of the best places for me to turn until I can get a hold of his trainer. For those of you who don't know I got Colton as a one year old abused/neglected/starved rescue. He has a lot of problems because of his rough start. Fear aggression towards people, towards dogs, and he is mouthy. I have been working with him so, so, so hard. I house trained him, taught him not to destructively chew, took him to basic obedience and tried to keep him socialized (he ended up getting attacked which spiraled into his aggression). Since moving to a new st
  13. Personally I have one dog, Colton. I'm pretty active with him he's in obedience, and starting agiltiy training today. He has to do something everyday or else he finds ways to get into trouble because he is bord (chase the cat, find something to chew on etc). I would never get more animals than I feel I can handle. They deserve to be properly cared for and looked after. The other dogs are: Missy, she's turning seven this year. She had severe pnemonia so one of her lungs does not work to full capacity. She had distemper as a puppy which seemed to wipe out her energy, and she was bit once b
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