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  1. So I've decided to start Moss, my 21 month-old boy, in agility this fall, with the goal of getting him in my instructor's beginning agility group class in January-ish. He has primarily done stockwork and a little bit of basic obedience and manners training. He also knows a few tricks. Moss is a bright, athletic boy that I think could have a great future in agility. He's well socialized and very well-adjusted. He is also out-of-his-mind obsessed with toys, something I've never had to deal with (to this degree) before. I've probably encouraged, or at least not discouraged, a lot of it b
  2. My Boston Terrier is named Scully... and someday, I'd love to have a male smoothie BC named "Fox" .... I'm a complete X-Files freak; I even used to write...fanfiction...back in the day. haha! I own all the seasons on DVD (and a couple on VHS, haha) and am currently making my way through the whole series again from start to finish. It's so great. What a smart, well written, innovative show. I was so upset when it was over. And the last movie was complete garbage... I was so disappointed. ... but I still bought it on DVD!
  3. Goals/Dreams: - Complete my Masters Degree - Not go insane from all the work and stress of FT school and FT teaching. - Give Moss the opportunity to work sheep more consistently... i.e. hopefully be able to swing sending him for a few more months of training this fall/winter. - Become confident and experienced enough to move out of N/N. My dog is ready, I am not - Compete w/ Cedar for the first time in agility and obedience and kick ass... er, I mean have a positive experience. Or both. - Get my blog looking how I want it to. - Finish my thesis well in advance and totally rock my
  4. Forget purely positive or correction-based methods... there's always this tried and true way of training. ...I kid :-P
  5. Personally, in that situation, I think the kitten's safety should trump the dog's feelings. A verbal correction AND removal from the area is what I would do. Kind of like a little kid drawing with crayons on the wall. Simply removing the child from the room would not stop him from coming back and doing it again. Expressing your displeasure AND stopping the activity seems more effective to me. Just my 2 cents
  6. I am so excited that I just had to share! Some of you may know about my girl Cedar, and all the "issues" she has on stock. She has not been the easiest dog to train, especially since I don't know what the heck I'm doing most of the time! Of course, I do not help things at all... being a newbie and whatnot BUT... last Monday we had a breakthrough! Our first legit inside flank! After a week and a half off (I am in the depths of grading English 101 papers), I went out to Dianne (Deal)'s for a lesson. I spent some time getting Cedar to relax, slow down, and listen; mainly doin
  7. Thanks I just love him.... and yes, I'm so thankful to have such a sweet, wonderful, talented puppy He's still my goofy boy, though... See the resemblance?
  8. I was able to bring my (crappy) video camera out to Dianne's today and managed to get some decent footage of the Moss Man when she worked him He's only been in training for 5 days, but is doing pretty awesome. He's still a puppy in a lot of ways (just 10 months old), but he's so natural and biddable, he makes it look easy! Dianne told me that in a couple months, I'm going to have to pry him out of her hands I'm so excited!
  9. For me, this thread hits particularly close to home, and I am (perhaps foolishly) compelled to post. First, a little background for those who don't know... I began showing dogs in AKC conformation when I was ten years old, starting with a Belgian Tervuren and ending with Brittanys. For years, I was completely wrapped up in the AKC world (I refuse to call it "ACK"... I have many good friends that are ethical, awesome people who love their dogs as DOGS first, not just because they are pretty, or some nonsense like that) and competed successfully, achieving national rankings, at the highe
  10. Thanks I can't wait to work him again on Friday. Hopefully the hubby will come along and take pix/video
  11. Just a small brag... I went out for a lesson with Dianne today, and finally got to work Moss myself! :dance: He really was beyond great. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, based on his breeding and all, but Man, I can't tell you how much fun it was to actually get in there with him and try him out. I'm so proud of my boy! I think that his only major issue will be dealing with ME and my dumbass-ish tendencies. I put him in a few situations/ "oh sh*t!" moments (got too far away from the sheep or some other stupid thing) that I thought would end badly, but I guess I really did
  12. Yeah, the more I've been looking into it, it seems like Orijen might be my best bet to try, even though the price of it makes my eyes water. But it seems like she would be eating about half what she is eating right now (Diamond) so it might just about even out. I am just sick of her having soft stools (and occasional blowouts) and tummy issues. Her coat and condition are great on Diamond, however. The cost would be worth it to me to have her healthy and happy. She's my special lady
  13. I am looking to switch my girl Cedar over to a different food as she has been having some digestive problems lately, and has always had trouble keeping weight on. I want something that will also be good for her skin/coat and joints. I found a new local store that carries a couple really good brands of food, including Orijen, Instinct, Innova, Evo, Acana, Taste of the Wild, and Dog Lover’s Gold. I think I've narrowed it down to EVO or Taste of the Wild... in your experience, which of these have worked the best for you? Or should I also consider those other brands? I've heard good things abo
  14. Well.... I have recently come into possession of a rescue dog. To make a long story short, I found my first Border Collie, "Marley" (whom I rescued from the shelter several years back and then ended up placing in a new home two years ago) advertised for adoption on Craigslist. His former owner hadn't made any effort to contact me which made me sad, but she did agree to let me take him back. Soooo...... she dropped him off tonight. And he is FAT!!! Aside from green beans and exercise, any other tips for helping him to slim down? Thanks!
  15. LMAO.... "my" Moss is almost 4 months old and 26 lbs. But he's kind of a chunky monkey... big boned, not fat :-P
  16. Regarding crossing Dalmatians with Pointers, they have actually done this already. The "Dalmatian Backcross Project" was begun in 1973, and is supported by the Dalmatian Club of America. http://www.luadalmatians.com/
  17. No, it's not an arena trial. However, at this trial in Novice they allow for an assisted outrun, it's just points off. So you can leave the post and help your dog.
  18. My favorite so far.... and also the one Dianne "picked" for me when they were born... Like I told a friend, I just have a *feeling*. Weird, I know, but I usually am right about these things...hmm. And yes, "Moss" is still my name of choice. Don't you think he looks like a Moss? :-P
  19. No, they should all be roughs, since both of the parents are rough coats. I think it's mostly the lighting that makes them look that way. Plus they are only 2 days old. And yeah, guinea pig was my first thought, too
  20. Maybe this is in the wrong spot, but here are some photos I took today of the Peg x Riggs babies, one of which will hopefully be coming home with me around Valentine's Day... The whole gang: Look at the cuteness! "My" boy (I have a good feeling about him)
  21. oh my gosh.... my thoughts are with you. has your vet considered distemper? my friend had a dog with similar symptoms that eventually was diagnosed with distemper...
  22. The weather was too bad for me to go out today (sigh, more snow!) but I'm going to try my darndest to get out there tomorrow!
  23. The puppies were born at 2 AM last night!!! There are 4 boys, 3 girls, I'm going to see them tomorrow and hopefully get some pictures...
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