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Bens first real agility show

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Went to the Glennifer agility show yesterday

Fotos and video to follow but I just want to post the roundup of the day while it is still fresh in my mind.


Lovely venue at the ingelston horse place, lots of friendly faces there,


1st class was the combined jumping class, 1st run of the day in that ring (gulp) so after a visit to the ladies I walked the course a couple of times

THere was a slalom down one side - Ben has only done that once in class so I am a bit worried


Get my ticket and see thankfully that the scribe is someone from my training club

'start whenever you are ready'

OK, stop shaking now and Ben waits as calmly on the line just as if we are in a class with only 6 dogs, not hundreds milling about

were off

Nerves and some pretty bad handling play a part in this run, Ben not 100% clear on where I want him to go so keeps curving back to me for more instructions. But we both hold it together enough to get a clear round


2nd run, combined grade 1-4 meduim agility

a nice easy flowing course, Ben not 100% sure on seesaw but considering what a short time he has been doing it he did great. Unsure that the dogwalk wasnt another trick seesaw he was slow across that too

Better run, a bit slow but a big improvment on the 1st run

Another clear run


3rd run

Meduim agility graded 1-4

I ran 4th in this one, a couple of tricky turns when I walked the course and worryingly the small dogs who ran it just before us took a totaly different line to what I was planning to take to the seesaw, and to another jump. I decided to stick to my plan for the seesaw and changed what I was doing on the other jump

3 dogs ran, all faulted or E

my turn

he is running great, the turns go like a dream - were clear!!

then the results




4th run - the last jumping class

Nerves totaly gone, really this one dosent matter

we are both tired too

tricky turn and another slalom

off we go and we are both on fire, faster than we have ever been

unfort on the tricky turn he makes it perfect then I hear the crash of a pole - who cares we are flying

turn into the slalom and its like he is reading my mind - just flys over it with no instruction from me (well none that I am aware of)

turns lovely and then races off for the tunnel

I am getting a bit cocky and see a shortcut to the next jump but as I turn to race off he sees me and bolts out of the enterance to the tunnel, I get him back in and we fly the last 2 jumps

2 faults (or 10 however you count it) but strangly enough that was my best run of the day



What a totaly amazing wee boy, 19 1/2 months old and that is us in grade 2 already

Now whay didnt I enter any more shows this year??

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it is v addictive, there should be agility anonomous meetings

'Hi, my name is Pam and I have no weekends left any more'


:rolleyes: I'd be one of their first memebers :D I started my winter vacation with an agility trial in Montana and then drove all the way across the country for another trial near my parents house in NY the following weekend - 2000miles in between! "I know I haven't seen you guys in 6 months, but I'll be at a dog trial my first 3 days home" :D

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it is v addictive, there should be agility anonomous meetings

'Hi, my name is Pam and I have no weekends left any more'


Ha ha. I started taking my moms dog to agility because I didn't have my own dog yet. It is very addictive and fun! I asked the trainer if we could go more often. Sounds like you guys had fun. I can't wait to start agility with my new bc!!


Post those pics/videos :rolleyes:

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Oops- wrong post-

My computer keep showing me this "blue screen"- at least I got it to get my e-mail, but talked to the techs and afraid I am due for another - boo hoo. Can't afford it now. I need my son on his day off, yet have to buy him pizza. oh well- not too shabby. More darn blue screen, yet it comes back- HELP!!!!

A total idiot at computers. I just need to clean out some files. I do NOT know if they are important- :D

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