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  1. No throwing up since the switch. Thanks for the help
  2. So I switches it up this morning. Gave him 1 cup THK, and 2/3 cup kibble. He ate it all, and finished his siblings food. Guess he'll eat the kibble as long as it's in the THK. So that's great!
  3. The vomit does look like his food, but not as much as he's eaten. He throws up a small handful. It's probably about an 1/8 of the food he's eaten. I just switched him. I usually do a gradual switch, but he wasn't that into the kibble he had. He's getting grain free turkey THK. 2 cups before hydration. I can cut back, or add back in some kibble and hope he eats it... I figured he should be fine by a week, and if not, that would be concerning.
  4. I can't quote on my phone for some reason. Mara: his puke looks like the food he's eating. He's going to the bathroom normal, and it looks fine. I will keep a watch on it. I don't know if he'll eat 50/50. It's possible, but he's not a fan of kibble. He needs to gain weight, so I'm trying to feed him more, so I figured 2 cups spread out didn't necessarily seem like a large volume. That's scary and sad about your dogs lymphoma. I had a ruddy Abyssinian, that meant the world to me, that passed away from lymphoma. Sue: he used to chew up and swallow all kinds of toys, fibrous, rubber, even rocks, etc. He's not like that anymore. He does chew sticks still and swallow bits. He gets raw chicken quarters, but hasn't had one in a few weeks. He's got a high metabolism, and is always running. He does a lot of full on sprinting during our hikes. He used to be fine with just 2 cups a day. He even had a little pudge at one point. Then something changed. He started eating less of his food, and started losing weight. I realized it was one of my females, Cedar, trying to gain alpha position over him. She's been low man until Riser came, and she's found a new confidence, and a best friend. She loves him and they're inseparable, but she's also bossy. She wanted to be alpha when she came into our pack, but Seek is definitely top dog and wouldn't allow it. So long story short, she was intimidating him away from eating. She would go into the room he eats in and send out vibes. Other times she would go to his bowl to eat, and growl at him for going in there. I put an end to it, when I realized what was happening. But then he sort of would be worried about his food after that. All has been sorted, and he's in a safe place, and has food he loves, so it's back to normal. Except the throwing up
  5. My dog is a bit too thin, and he's picky about eating kibble. I try to give him more food, but he leaves quite a bit in the bowl, and doesn't eat the extra food. So I decided to switch his food to something he would die for, The Honest Kitchen. He loves it! He'll eat as much as I give him. I've been giving him four cups a day; two in the morning, two at night. He's been on the food for about 4 days. He's thrown up four times in the last 3 days. It's strange though, I'll feed him his breakfast, and he's fine all day, then will throw up once in the evening, many many hours after he's eaten. I'm guessing he has a sensitive stomach and will take time to adjust, but throwing up 8-12 hours after eating is baffling me. Other than that he seems normal, happy, playful, ready to work, alert, and just his usual self. Any ideas?
  6. My friend has a bc mix that recently (6 weeks ago) started secreting her anal glands. She's 12 years old. Whenever my dogs have had this happen, it's been due to food. Once the food is changed, problem goes away. Ideas?
  7. Collars on when we leave the house, inside or going out to play in the pasture, they're off. my dogs stick around, and I'm with them when they're outaide. Speaking of safety, I'm curious of everyone's preference on having either quick release or belt buckle style, and why?
  8. Yes that makes sense. It's a great deal! Thanks! Thanks! We use the day glo collars for swimming, but the Tufflex sounds nicer for daily use.
  9. Do you know the difference between the Tufflex and the Day-Glo collars? They appear similar, but the Day-Glo are "see-through" and the Tufflex aren't. Are the Tufflex softer than the Day-Glo? I have 3 of the Day-Glo collars, and they seem hard.
  10. The problem with these collar we are all mentioning is that they don't come with quick release buckles. I believe you can find them with those (maybe boutique stores), but generally not. This is the only downside I see to these collars. I've heard horror stories of dog fights, jaws getting stuck, and no way to release the dogs.
  11. Hmm, we don't need rabies or registration tags, because we live in the country. If you live in the city you would (at least to my knowledge. You could put them on the D ring. Yes, I hook the leash to the O ring. Doesn't cause any discomfort. It does make the collar go in a sort "V" shape, like a teardrop on the dogs neck.
  12. Thishttp://www.gundogsupply.com/filson-double-ring-dog-collar.html is the Filson Are those the plastic ones? We have some of them, and they're great for swimming!
  13. This is the Filson http://www.gundogsupply.com/filson-double-ring-dog-collar.html
  14. Those are nice looking! They come with nameplate's.
  15. It's time to get Riser a "big boy" collar, and I'd like to get him a leather one. I have a couple in mind. The one I really like is a Filson. It looks really nice, and its local. It's $36. The other option is the oiled leather collars from Border Collies In Action. They're only $10! Has anyone had either of these collars? Did they hold up? Riser is kind of rough and the collar would likely take a fair amount of abuse Thanks!
  16. EDIT: I think my post is super delayed in conversation. I don't have enough time today to read through all the posts... Tough situation. Your dog is aggressive with other dogs.. not exactly easy to place if put into a rescue/foster situation, nor will a rescue necessarily want to take on an aggressive dog. I have a dog that is reactive with children. Actually, she's terrified of them. I am never around children, and we lived in Alaska during her puppyhood... not exactly an easy place to go out and find kids. She enjoys running with children she knows, but the game quickly turns into nipping fun times. Not okay. I keep her separated from them if they want to run around. If they want to be calm, or throw a ball for her, that's another story. That's a supervised and controlled situation that is 100% successful every time. So maybe my question is, can you keep them separated until the toddler is older. You stated Ollie loves children. What's the age of children he's interacted with that he loves? Perhaps your training days are going to be short lived. Maybe not. BUT, I wouldn't let the toddler interact with the dog if it's not a controlled and supervised situation. Right now Ollie is learning bad behaviors towards the toddler, and really shouldn't be allowed to interact. Toddlers are unpredictable and can't help doing things like falling, running, or screaming, or other things that may excite a bc. And, I certainly wouldn't trust the "training" of a toddler to be reliable around a dog. The kid is too young to be in check with his interactions. Maybe an ear or hair will be pulled at some point, then what? The kid gets bit... not the dogs fault. Prevention is key. Ollie's reaction with the fly sounds all too common, like the example someone else stated earlier with the dog keen on the sheep and snaps at the other dog in their space. I will still never understand why people let their kids sit on dogs, and do other inappropriate things to them. JMO. Glad you're teaching your two year old how to interact properly.
  17. As I type, two of my dogs are lounging next to me on my bed. Call us crazy, but we ended up buying a king size so the whole pack could fit! All furniture is free game.
  18. Mental stimulation. Invent games; like hide and seek with his toys, or with you, teach him simple tricks, like picking things up and placing it elsewhere.
  19. I second getting a blood panel done. A sudden change like that, could potentially be a medical problem. At least if the blood work comes back normal, you can rule that out...
  20. Another thought... aggression is a learned behavior. Allowing your puppy to be off-leash in an uncontrolled dog park, where he has been able to snap at faces, is only reinforcing that behavior. You yourself even said he snaps at times, why allow your puppy to be in that situation??
  21. That is an amazing book, and truly helpful. Especially for visual learners (like myself). I definitely recommend!
  22. Hopefully I'm not repeating any posts (too many to read at the moment), but as a handler with experience in fear reactivity, my best advice is to never punish or use corrections to "fix" his fears. If Whiskey is at his threshold and you punish him for lunging or growling, you will only suppress his behavior. The end result will be he no longer gives you or others precursors, and will bite instead. Growling is good at this point, he is letting you know he needs to be away from whatever is scaring him (people, dogs). As for my own success story, it took years of studying and training to help my girl (got her at 6 months old, abused). She loves people now. I won't go into all the details of training (I could write a book!), but the best thing that works for her is giving her a rewarding job. When we are out walking on trails, and she sees someone walking towards us, she immediately comes to me to play stick. She loves to have a job, and knows that she gets rewarded when people are headed our way. She associates strangers with play. The strangers could stand around and stare at her (which is a threat), talk to her, or they could even pet her, and she could care less. Just keep on with the hard work, it will be very rewarding, even if you just get a dog that loves and trusts you and wants to be your companion or working partner.
  23. Oh yes, I had a foster dog that would pee on his front legs... what a mess that was!
  24. Last night Riser lifted his leg to pee! When do they actually start lifting their leg, and when do they start marking? I've never had a male pup. This is all brand new. I do believe he may have started marking... as he will pee at least twice if not more on our walks in the woods. Here's my goofball with his tongue out And because I love his daddy Jake so much, here are a couple videos of Norm & Vickie Close working him. Riser seems to be slowly adopting his dad's style. I'm going to put him on sheep in the next two weeks, I will post videos
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