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Meet my new baby! Caela!!!

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That is a cute puppy, but a 4 week old pup can change SO much over the next few weeks. Don't get your heart set on her just yet. Wait until the pups are at least 6 weeks old, preferably 7 to 8, to decide which one will suit you.


Also, make sure you love the temperaments of the PARENTS. They will give you the best idea of what sort of temperament the pup will have when it is a mature adult.

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Yes I really wanted a rough coat. The owner of her mommy who has had border collies for years and is a behaviorist specializing in BCs said that knowing me that she was the one for me. He goes more by personality than looks so I am trusting him. After all he gave me Conner and that was match made in heaven. When I get her up and running I am definitely going to get her a brother or a sister and and would like to get a rescue. I feel a bit guilty getting a puppy when there are so many that need people. I was Conner's third owner (the first owner kept her in a cage for the first year and a half and said she was the worst dog they had ever had). My friend rescued her from them until he could find her a good home. I'm so glad he found me, I couldn't have asked for a sweeter pup. :rolleyes:

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