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  1. I cut a little flap in the side with an razor blade knife and slid my small vacuum tool in to empty it...this worked too! I really love this little gadget!
  2. Thanks for the comment... Kaycee is our first BC and she has been a wonderful addition to the family!!!!

  3. This makes me horribly sad. These puppies/dogs do have a look of despair in their eyes. I am in Nashville (close to Portland)...if I ever hear anyone thinking about getting a puppy from him I will definitely set them straight.
  4. My Conner would not sit in the front seat. On a trip to Indiana I had the back seat down and loaded with suit cases and her crate etc. I put her in the front seat. For 30 minutes she whined and pawed at the back seat trying to move things. I knew I couldn't handle that for the entire 3 1/2 hour trip so the suitcase came up front and she went to the back...peace and quite the rest of the way. She also wouldn't go in the kitchen to save her life! I had to feed her in the dining room!
  5. It's pretty tightly put together...I'm thinking when mine gets full I may experiment and cut a hole in the top just big enough to get the skinny vacuum cleaner tool in! If that works I'll let you know!
  6. As I prepared for my trip to get my new boy Jet I was thinking "shedding border collie in a hotel room...what to do"? I was shopping for a new supply of tape lint removers when I came up on the Pledge Fabric Sweeper so I got a couple. I'm a happy girl! I got tufts of hair up off of the floor in the hotel room as well as hair off of a quilt at home without any effort or un peeling yet another tape roller. Thought that everyone with BC hair issues would like to know if they really work. They do!
  7. Thanks so much everyone! All of your info has been very helpful! Shannon
  8. Does anyone have any personal experience staying in a Kansas City hotel with a BC? I am adopting Caela's half brother, Jet, a 3 yr old male. My daughter who lives in Denver is meeting me at the half way point and we are staying one night in KC. He's a big boy - 50 lbs plus. I see that a lot of hotels have a 50 lb limit, surely they don't weigh them in! I haven't stayed in a hotel with a dog since I got Conner many years ago. If anyone has any recommendations , experiences good or bad, I sure would appreciate the information! I'd like this to be an easy transition for Jet!
  9. My friend from whom I got Caela and Conner has a beautiful very sweet blonde BC named Lynn. She too has issues with licking. My friend's father was visiting and made a statement something to the effect that ...Lynne just can't "hold her licker"! Conner was a licker too...I sure do miss it. "
  10. What a lovely tribute. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your sweet girl.
  11. Thank you Diane, I laugh when I watch that video too! We started the laser before I knew better (now understand it may not be a great toy for a BC due to obsessive issues) but for us it was great fun. She loved her light. I have a new puppy now who is a dear but Conner will always be my most special girl.
  12. What a sweet face! Congrats on your new addition!
  13. We did it! Caela and I survived flying from Denver to Nashville, (with a stop in Dallas) neither one of us any worse for the wear. She cried once for a minute and it was my fault, I was worried that she hadn’t moved for a while so I stuck my hand in the carrier to make sure she was breathing and she started up! (It’s the nurse in me.) No one knew there was a puppy on the plane until then! The second leg of the trip she was quite the entire time. Things I learned: Let sleeping puppies lie. Get a large carrier. She only weighed 12.2 lbs but the carrier on wheels that I got
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