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  1. Mr. McCaig, thank you so much! I will definitely see what I can do.
  2. Thank you all so much for your insight! You have no idea how much it is appreciated! Bonnie is a wonderful girl, whether she makes a great herding dog or not, in the end. She and I have become very close. For those that are coming in new, and haven't seen my previous posts about her, she is a 3yr old that I just got from a friend of my husband's. They had to part with her due to unfortunate circumstances. Sadly, nothing had been done with her, prior to coming here. She has some nice dogs behind her, so we want to see what she can do. Julie, I understand all too well about computer issues, so no worries! As a matter of fact, I was typing a response a minute ago, and had it almost completed, when I hit something. Well, I lost my page, so everything got erased. Now I'm trying to remember what I had typed. UGH! As far as the "HT", I'm not a fan of AKC, even moreso now that I've been doing more in-depth research. I'm wanting to stay with the USBCHA trials that are offered around here. We have 2 coming up, locally, in the fall. One is in September and the other is in October. Do you all think it would it be unrealistic to prepare or aim for those with Bonnie, if she's going to be trialing in Novice?
  3. Hi! Yes, this was her evaluation, and, no, I wasn't the one handling her. I was the one behind the camera. I did have someone to contact me privately and that has been superb in advice and suggestions. There is another person that the trainer, in the video, had mentioned to me who is about the same distance away. I'm going to try to contact him, since he hosts USBCHA trials (hosting 3 this year). Like you, I welcome any help, because I only want to do right by my girl. I don't want to do anything that is going to be damaging to her or to the breed. That's why I had posted the videos. I know everyone has different views and I feel that we can all learn from each other. I'll have to check out your videos. I haven't had a chance to watch them yet.
  4. Ok, I'm not sure if no comments are a good thing or a bad thing when there have been 76 views. Does no one have anything to say?
  5. Here are some videos of Bonnie on sheep that I thought I would share...
  6. Well, we're not getting to go to the farm today due to the weather (Winter Storm Warning). I'm disappointed, but it's ok. I have a sick daughter (Strep), plus I'm taking Bonnie to my vet on Tuesday to have her microchipped and thoroughly examined. This gives me time to get her fully checked out and everything, plus the trainer is wanting me to video one of her dogs on sheep, so I may go up there one day this week. If not, we're aiming for next weekend.
  7. LOL!! Ok, so never name a dog of mine Pam, then... Love your dogs' names and that is cool about Pip and Phoebe! Looking at Bonnie's pedigree, Katch had been bred to Bess. He is her grandfather on both sides, so she's got his lines coming in from her sire and dam. I need to go and make a copy of this pedigree before I mail it in to ABCA. Of course, the mail won't run Monday with it being President's Day, so I may just get it copied over the weekend and mail it on Tuesday. Keep all fingers and paws crossed for good weather Sunday, so she and I can get to the farm! I don't really want to wait another week. I'm too anxious to wait!
  8. Thank you all for the insight! I guess I just never really thought about it. You know how it is with some things...you get used to something, and you tend to stick within your comfort area. Change can be good, though. I'm just going to leave her name the way it is. Looking at her pedigree, she does have some *human* names like Henry, Bess, Bo, Jo, Dot, etc. Then she has Katch, Ipswitch, Hinton'sTishTwo, Lacy, Shep, Jet, etc. One didn't out number the other, so I didn't think much about it. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the farm and getting her evaluated. I'm going to take my camera and camcorder. Hopefully, one of them will pick up decently in the dim lighting if we're inside, using the indoor round pen. That way I will be able to show you all how she did.
  9. I'm so doomed. I still can't whistle with my fingers or finger and thumb!!
  10. Thanks! I plan to! Really? It's just not what I'm used to, I guess. I have Rain, Frost, and Griselda (aka Zelda). Also, I have a friend named Bonnie, so it isn't very easy. LOL
  11. Well, I got in touch with the trainer I had trained with a few years ago in herding. She is doing it again and is only about 45mins from me. We're looking at Sunday for Bonnie to be evaluated. She told me to call her Saturday night to verify time and to make sure all is still good, but she's anxious to meet her. She has some of Bonnie's relatives there now for training. She's actually friends with Steve McCall and knew Bonnie's grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather on both sides. I'm anxious to get this girl introduced to herding. BTW, I'm having major issues with her name. I normally don't use human names for my dogs. What do you all think of her name? I've never had a problem changing a dog's name in the past and she's never had a litter, so ABCA will allow a name change. Anyway, just had to share the news!!
  12. This is the correct (old account).
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