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  1. Mr. McCaig, thank you so much! I will definitely see what I can do.
  2. Thank you all so much for your insight! You have no idea how much it is appreciated! Bonnie is a wonderful girl, whether she makes a great herding dog or not, in the end. She and I have become very close. For those that are coming in new, and haven't seen my previous posts about her, she is a 3yr old that I just got from a friend of my husband's. They had to part with her due to unfortunate circumstances. Sadly, nothing had been done with her, prior to coming here. She has some nice dogs behind her, so we want to see what she can do. Julie, I understand all too well about computer issues, so no worries! As a matter of fact, I was typing a response a minute ago, and had it almost completed, when I hit something. Well, I lost my page, so everything got erased. Now I'm trying to remember what I had typed. UGH! As far as the "HT", I'm not a fan of AKC, even moreso now that I've been doing more in-depth research. I'm wanting to stay with the USBCHA trials that are offered around here. We have 2 coming up, locally, in the fall. One is in September and the other is in October. Do you all think it would it be unrealistic to prepare or aim for those with Bonnie, if she's going to be trialing in Novice?
  3. Hi! Yes, this was her evaluation, and, no, I wasn't the one handling her. I was the one behind the camera. I did have someone to contact me privately and that has been superb in advice and suggestions. There is another person that the trainer, in the video, had mentioned to me who is about the same distance away. I'm going to try to contact him, since he hosts USBCHA trials (hosting 3 this year). Like you, I welcome any help, because I only want to do right by my girl. I don't want to do anything that is going to be damaging to her or to the breed. That's why I had posted the videos. I know everyone has different views and I feel that we can all learn from each other. I'll have to check out your videos. I haven't had a chance to watch them yet.
  4. Ok, I'm not sure if no comments are a good thing or a bad thing when there have been 76 views. Does no one have anything to say?
  5. Here are some videos of Bonnie on sheep that I thought I would share...
  6. Well, we're not getting to go to the farm today due to the weather (Winter Storm Warning). I'm disappointed, but it's ok. I have a sick daughter (Strep), plus I'm taking Bonnie to my vet on Tuesday to have her microchipped and thoroughly examined. This gives me time to get her fully checked out and everything, plus the trainer is wanting me to video one of her dogs on sheep, so I may go up there one day this week. If not, we're aiming for next weekend.
  7. LOL!! Ok, so never name a dog of mine Pam, then... Love your dogs' names and that is cool about Pip and Phoebe! Looking at Bonnie's pedigree, Katch had been bred to Bess. He is her grandfather on both sides, so she's got his lines coming in from her sire and dam. I need to go and make a copy of this pedigree before I mail it in to ABCA. Of course, the mail won't run Monday with it being President's Day, so I may just get it copied over the weekend and mail it on Tuesday. Keep all fingers and paws crossed for good weather Sunday, so she and I can get to the farm! I don't really want to wait another week. I'm too anxious to wait!
  8. Thank you all for the insight! I guess I just never really thought about it. You know how it is with some things...you get used to something, and you tend to stick within your comfort area. Change can be good, though. I'm just going to leave her name the way it is. Looking at her pedigree, she does have some *human* names like Henry, Bess, Bo, Jo, Dot, etc. Then she has Katch, Ipswitch, Hinton'sTishTwo, Lacy, Shep, Jet, etc. One didn't out number the other, so I didn't think much about it. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the farm and getting her evaluated. I'm going to take my camera and camcorder. Hopefully, one of them will pick up decently in the dim lighting if we're inside, using the indoor round pen. That way I will be able to show you all how she did.
  9. I'm so doomed. I still can't whistle with my fingers or finger and thumb!!
  10. Thanks! I plan to! Really? It's just not what I'm used to, I guess. I have Rain, Frost, and Griselda (aka Zelda). Also, I have a friend named Bonnie, so it isn't very easy. LOL
  11. Well, I got in touch with the trainer I had trained with a few years ago in herding. She is doing it again and is only about 45mins from me. We're looking at Sunday for Bonnie to be evaluated. She told me to call her Saturday night to verify time and to make sure all is still good, but she's anxious to meet her. She has some of Bonnie's relatives there now for training. She's actually friends with Steve McCall and knew Bonnie's grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather on both sides. I'm anxious to get this girl introduced to herding. BTW, I'm having major issues with her name. I normally don't use human names for my dogs. What do you all think of her name? I've never had a problem changing a dog's name in the past and she's never had a litter, so ABCA will allow a name change. Anyway, just had to share the news!!
  12. This is the correct (old account).
  13. It depends on which Purina, though, because Alpo and Mighty Dog are going to rate much lower than Pro Plan. That's just what I've always found. I don't like SD at all...never have. I feed Pro Plan, but it works for my dogs. As I've stated on other posts, 2 of my dogs have extremely sensitive stomachs. None of the high quality foods that I tried (Innova, Solid Gold, Canidae, Eukanuba, etc) worked for them. They had horrible diarrhea and vomiting (with some). Mine are doing great on this food...firm stools, beautiful coats, skin that isn't dry and flaky, good weights, etc. Something I was told a long time ago made sense. The vets sell SD, so naturally they'll promote it. If they don't promote it, then they get no money for their clinics. I know that my vet sells SD, but he actually feeds his own dogs Purina Pro Plan. I'm definitely not saying that Pro Plan is the best food, because it isn't. All I'm saying is that it works for my dogs. You have to find what works. Just because it works for mine doesn't mean that it will work for yours. It's just like with us, some foods agree with us and some don't. Seafood is supposed to be great for us, but I'm allergic to shellfish and don't like the taste of fish, so it doesn't work for me. Make sense?
  14. ^ What she said. Congrats! Glad to hear that you did really take in what everyone was telling you. Now, you know that we're going to be wanting updates and wanting to see pictures, right??
  15. This is a chart like the one my vet has hanging in his office... http://www.placervillevet.com/canine%20body%20condition.htm I've always gone by the "you should be able to feel the ribs and see a waist, but the ribs should not be protruding".
  16. OMG! I'm sorry to hear this. Erin, you be careful! There are too many crazy people out there.
  17. Hi! Welcome to the boards! Petfinder is great. You'll find a lot of terrific people here.
  18. Honestly, I don't see Aussie in her at all. I do see BC, but the hair around her ears and something about her face is throwing me. The hair around her ears almost reminds me of my Shelties. I'm not sure, though. I'd say BC mix. Anytime I introduce a new dog, I always do it through a fence and watch the reactions. If it's a tough introduction, I give each of the dogs blankets to sleep on, keep them separate of course, and then switch the blankets the next day. That gives them a chance to get used to scents. I don't have much time to post right now, but this might help until I have more time or you get more responses. Congrats on your new foster girl! Keep us posted!!
  19. One thing I wanted to mention, though. Of course, I'm not there, so I'm not seeing first hand what is going on. The only problem I have with this is that if you put her up when visitors are there, you're not fixing the problem. The way I've handled aggression and visitors is that I put the dog on a leash while visitors are there. Now there were times that I would have to put the dog up due to us trying to eat or participating in some type of activity, but I've seen what can happen by putting a dog up every time someone comes over. My parents had a Poodle years ago that they always put to bed every time someone came over. As he got older, he could not be out whatsoever when people came around, because he was very aggressive to visitors. I do agree with having her fully vet checked and talking with a behaviorist, but just keep in mind about what I mentioned. Good luck!
  20. I'll 2nd that! A lot of times the shelters are just so stressful that you may find a dog that is a total nutcase at the shelter, but then again there are times that dogs will be extremely shy and hiding in a corner. Once they're out of there, then the dog is totally different. I've seen it so many times. Good luck on your decision making!
  21. Amen to that. I just came back in here and I can not believe how this has turned. Jackieandryan, I've never had a problem with you, and I don't plan to start now. I do agree with Laurae in that maybe your posts just aren't coming across the way they're intended. That's the crappy part of internet use. We have no ability to use tone and sound, so we have to rely simply on our wording. Don't get mad, because that can hurt your credibility, as Laurae said. If it was me and something I said was taken completely wrong, I would probably post stating something like, "Whoa. Wait a minute, that wasn't what I meant...." and go from there. I'll admit that the posts about not paying if your dog injured another and bringing up something that was said in a thread that has nothing to do with this one did sound cold and uncaring, but I didn't say anything, because I figured that I was just reading the first one wrong, so I chose to stay out of it. The last one was uncalled for, but I understand how it is when I feel attacked by others (even if I wasn't being). Sometimes I spout off before thinking. All I am trying to tell you is that don't get upset if something you say is misunderstood, just try to clarify. For one, I hate what's happened for the OP. That had to be an extremely hard thing to handle. Two, if someone's dog attacked mine, then I would expect them to, at least, offer to assist with the vet bills. I know things can happen and you do it at your own risk, but I would hope they would have the decency to offer, which the OP took full responsibility, which IMO shows great character. She made a mistake and was willing to do whatever she could to fix it. This situation is why I'm still up in the air on whether or not to join our dog park. Too many things can happen. I wouldn't take Rain, at all, because she has shown signs of aggression. She was more than a handful when I started her in basic obedience training. I had never seen that from her before, but when I saw it, I still took her to class, but I kept her at a safe distance away and I made sure that there was no chance of her slipping her collar or Gentle Leader (which I resorted to due to her extreme pulling and lunging when she saw another dog). She has made improvement, but still isn't trustworthy when around other dogs. She's fine for the most part with the ones she lives with, but I have to keep an eye on her at all times. She's gotten into scuffles with the other girls and Nykie got a cut ear from her, so there is no way would I trust her in a dog park. I've dealt with aggression before, so I'm prepared to handle her in public situations that I can keep her at a distance from others (like in the class we took) until she shows that she's ok with them. Even then, it is going to take a really long time to get her to where I can work with her in more enclosed situations or off-lead. Back to the things can happen topic, Dream is a therapy dog, and there is something about him that sets other dogs off. I still haven't quite figured out what it is. He's extremely mellow and just a gentle boy, which makes him excellent for therapy work. Well, I've had him in 2 training classes and, in both, he has had dogs to go after him. We had a situation once INSIDE of a nursing home, that was totally unpredicted. We were with a group and standing outside of a resident's door, over to the side. Well, another therapy dog (a large mixed breed that looked to be maybe part Chow) walked out of the room and for no apparent reason at all, lunged at Dreamer and grabbed him by his mane. Dream panicked and yanked out of his collar and ran behind me. The owner of the other dog grabbed her dog, but he lunged again. If Dream so much as moved, this dog was lunging and snapping. The dog was 9yrs old and had been a therapy dog for 8yrs with no problems ever. No one knows what caused it, but we do know that the dog had always gone on visits with both of his owners until a few months prior to that when the husband passed away. It just goes to show that even the most trusted dogs can attack with no reason. Dreamer was fine, since his coat is so thick (the other dog just got a mouthful of hair...never reached the skin) other than very nervous the rest of our time there. Still no idea why dogs seem to go after him at times, but there is something about him that seems to attract them. Needless to say, I probably would never take him to a dog park situation. I know he would be fine, but I can't be sure another dog would come after him.
  22. Sorry to hear this. I do want to ask something to you and to others that have mentioned they've had similar issues. I agree about the stance or structure of Boxers, but what about tails? Are these dogs' tails docked? I'll never forget a story I read a long time ago. This lady had a Labrador that had gotten her tail stuck in the garage door, so the tail had to be amputated. The dog had never been in a fight before and was older (if I remember correctly, she was around 5 or 6). Well, after her tail was amputated very short, she was getting in fights every time she went up to another dog. It took awhile befor anyone could figure out what the problem was. Finally they realized that it was her docked tail causing the problem. A dog uses the tail for communication and this dog had always stood more rigid, but wagged her tail in a friendly manner, but when it was amputated/docked, she couldn't do that anymore, so all the other dogs were seeing was a dog standing rigid which came across as dominance/aggression. I've noticed that Koty has more problems than our others, but he's a Schnauzer with a docked tail. This may not even be the case in any of these situations, but I thought it was worth passing on.
  23. I'm PMing you, since I'm not sure on using names.
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