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Hello i'm Victoria and i have a black and white border collie called Lexi. my mum will be popping on now and again. are border collie lexi is a pet and not a working dog. she is sometimes very quite and doesnt liked to be played with are dog. I will be talking from time to time and i will be bringing my cousin on as she is good with words more than me. so thats about us. my dad and my mum like to talk aswell.


see ya

Victoria and Lexi


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Guest WoobiesMom

Welcome and congrats on your new family member! I've found w/our puppies that crating them at night in the bedroom with us has made for the best crating experience. They can see/hear/smell you and that seems to comfort them enough to settle for the night without getting upset. I usually put a tshirt with our smell on it the first couple weeks and if they have something from their former house, that helps the transition also.

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Welcome to the boards. You will learn so much info if here. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find these boards before I got mine.

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Welcome! What a darling puppy! Is she your only pet? Do you have specific plans for her? Agility would be great for her and your daughter to get into. She would have a blast showing junior handler!!! A 10yr old and a BC, what a busy combo!


No, we also have a rabbit too! No plans as yet, she's only just arrived. :rolleyes:

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