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Look Showed Up at My Door Monday Morning...

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Remember how I mentioned I was dog sitting for my husband's friend, who's Rottie had pups?(He lives about 5 blocks away from us).


Well look who showed up at my Monday morning with her one remaining pup?


Mama Porchia: IMG_2109.jpg


Son: IMG_2123.jpg



Here's some of the pup (or his sister sibling)in his backyard:








Playing with a sibling (sister)that his owner's neighbor now owns:




Porchia's owner brings her over occasionally to visit.


Before the guy gave all the other pups away I had started dog sitting for him.


I guess Porchia missed me! (We hadn't played ball in a couple days).

She had to cross a VERY busy road to get to me, and her owner told me later that when he had let her out that morning, she bolted. Not sure why...

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He's so cute!! I normally don't care for rotts all that much but he sure is cute. That ball is about as big as his head :rolleyes:

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Oh that must have been so scary to the owner when she bolted! Very cute and yes, I definitely think it's a sign that her owner doesn't play ball enough... and might also be a *hint hint* about the puppy from her? In the market for a new little fella? :rolleyes:

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We have a black lab puppy (scamper) at the humane society I work at. He's so cute and funny. He's really bonded with me over anyone else. He's still so skinny but we're working on that so it won't hurt his body anymore than it already has.

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I (and especially my hubby- a bigtime Rott lover)would love to keep the pup, christined Fred, by his owner.

But realistically, we do not have the room for another. And that is not fair to do to a dog.

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I'm glad you think about the dog over how bad you want him. I wish more people did.

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