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Whisper Played! Whisper Played!

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Whisper actually played this weekend! The BIL came up to our home with his two German Shorthair Pointers (they both have e-collars, a training tool that both he and his wife strongly advocate that I haven't taken the hint on yet and likely won't). Those two dogs play hard and rough and at first I wouldn't let Whisper play, since she will play one second and fight in earnest teh next. I don't know what the trigger is; it just happens. Anyway, the BIL would toss a stick, the GSP would chase it to go pick it up and then Whisper caught on and would chase whatever dog held the stick. Then she tried to beat them to the stick and when she won, she would race back to me and drop the stick in my vicinity. The GSP couldn't catch her--she was fast and nimble and while that are fast, they are larger and gangly and not too graceful. The Rottie merely barked at everyone; perhaps he was yelling at them for making such a ruckus. He is old and failing slowly and a bit crochety (sp?)


And then, all the men went for a walk with the dogs--Whisper would not go with the BIL; I told her it was okay, but she did not want to leave me. My husband eventually got her to go and then they all went to the creek. I stayed home, but I got a full report when they got back. While Whisper made a beeline for me (she is definitely bonded to me; she barely leaves my side), the guys said that all four dogs charged up and down the creek having a grand time.


I am so glad that Whisper played--I don't see her chasing a ball for me anytime soon, but I am very pleased to see her relax and just be a dog.

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When we first got Shoshone, our quirky girl, she was fearful to the point of paralysis. She became sort of a neighborhood project, the kids took turns throwing the ball for her at the park, everyone wanted to give her a cookie on our walks, etc.


We'd had her about 5 months and were at the park for our afternoon romp. Lots of kids, several dogs, lots of commotion. She took a break from running after the ball, came over towards me to get a drink of water. Then she stood there next to me, watching all the action, and WAGGED HER TAIL! A couple of the kids noticed her, and there were whispers of "look, Shonie's wagging her tail" all around. I think we all had a tear or too, even the tough guy 15 year old who would talk baby talk to her if nobody else was there but me.


These are moments to be treasured.

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Thats lovely news about whisper, I know how you feel. When I got Badger at a year old, he did'nt even know what a toy was :D I had to show him what to do with a ball, yes i did look stupid crawling round the room wth a ball in my mouth, :rolleyes: . but what a feeling When Badge finally picked it up and played

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